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Christopher Nolan is the best director of this generation. He created an icon out of a villain, realistic space travel and the plot twists which twisted our minds, in a nice way. 🙂 Seeing Nolan’s name in the credits gave the film minimum guarantee. Plus, the reviews were in the film’s favor and is hailed as Nolan’s best. I could understand that the movie means a lot to the British and with the realistic portrayal of the soldier’s plights and their determination to make through while holding up for each other is stirring to witness. But is it truly Chris Nolan’s best movie? 

The film shows the horrors of Dunkirk where the British and French soldiers were concerned. A lot of soldiers are traumatized, badly injured and above all, dying to go home. What the film basically, intended to show is that the biggest enemy they had to face is war itself. The country is determined to fight but at the same time, the humanity of the soldiers are shown in a realistic way.

After watching Batman trilogy, memento, inception, interstellar and prestige back to back, I was expecting the same amount of thrills and anticipation which lead to twists. Dunkirk is predictable for those who know the result and the effects of the war. When the boy read the newspaper at the end, while they expressed their concerns, I knew that they’ll be reading Churchill’s lines of determination. The soldiers deserved after the horrors they have seen but the fight should go on. The first half had dragged along with the steadfast build up and narration, which is explained in three different contexts, air, water, and land. The second half is thrilling and will fill you up adrenaline and anticipation.

The film has Chris Nolan’s brilliance written all over. The cinematography which captured tensed moments, realistic movements of those who are panicking under pressure and incoming assault, plights of those who are trapped in water and the airborne pilots who, despite having less fuel and time, looked after their troops. The final encounter led to cheers in the theater. However, it would have been lot better if there was an elaborate narrative to throw more light on the background. After watching the whole film, I was intrigued with the experience but then, something was missing, an ingredient within the narrative, the pacing of the story and depth of the characters could have been better. We will admire the main people and the plights of the soldiers but some of the moments seemed plastic when compared to the intense ones. The pinnacle of the film is the historical relevance and the effects. In a nutshell, Nolan created a hell of a war film 😀 Hans Zimmer’s music and Hoyte’s cinematography deserve top points. The performances were apt. Mark Rylance’s helplessness when he sees his son mortally injured is on point. He has no choice but to go on and save the soldiers like many civilians did. Cillian Murphy stuck to his standard. Tom Hardy dominated the film. The fear and aggression are seen in his eyes even if his face is not shown. Basically, another version of Bane.

You will enjoy this film only if you have no idea about the narrative itself. But yes, you should watch Dunkirk in the theater due to the sound effects and cinematography.


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