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After 18 years…

Yep.. The last time I watched this film was way back in 1999 and I was just 6 years old. Since we started watching the film very late at night, my mother insisted that I go to sleep as I have school the next day. The last thing I watched before going to bed is when Catherine Zeta-Jones comes out of the water after successfully stealing the mask. Then, later on, I came across the film several times on television but couldn’t watch it fully. Today, after 18 years, I saw the whole film on Netflix. It is a racy thriller but wasn’t upto the point.

Virginia Baker (Catherine Zeta-Jones) works as an inventigtor who goes undercover to nail down a slick thief named MacDougherty (Sean Connery). Their skills and ideas are the perfect match as a robbing duo. So, they set off to achieve more.

Entrapment is a stylishly shot film which, in a way, defined the heist movie genre of that period. There is a twist related to plot points, a minor role reversal as the final “entrapment” is revealed though the clues are given throughout. The ending is where I lost all my likeness to this material, what morality is the film trying to highlight exactly? Basically the film glorifies robbing and even tries to justify their actions. What I felt at the end is how one would feel when they see UBL walk away from committing a heinous crime and is waiting for the next target with a smile.

That being said, the film is shot remarkably with camera techniques and editing. Catherine’s performance in the invisible laser room has won the hearts of many owing to her flexibility and calmness under pressure. Intentionally, the scene is shot with male gaze to grasp the full attention of the male audience. The robbery sequences were shot such that the timings and setbacks were covered. You get to know how they did and how far they went for the same. The angles, the tone, and the editing worked at par with the actor’s emotions. The cinematographer succeeded in terms of enhancing Catherine’s facial beauty and she is able to show off her gymnastic skills before the camera. Catherine stole the show in everyway. She is graceful, rigid before challenges, easy going in terms of plans, determined in the face of adversity and sensitive when it comes to trust and friendship. She gets agitated during Mac’s harsh training and breaks down when he betrays her. The scriptwriters handled her role cleverly as we see a whole new scenario by the second half and she is not who we expected her to be. Though the male gaze aspect might reduce her image to her sex appeal, she is more than just a pretty face. Virginia is in over her head and wants to succeed no matter what. Sean Connery had his perfect moments initially. He is the charming man to whom age is no limit. He moves fast and plans meticulously. This dies by the second half and Catherine outshines him. However, Catherine’s dialogue delivery plays a minor disadvantage, one of the reasons why Catherine is not taken seriously as an actress.

Entrapment is a fast paced thriller that you could watch at one go. The ending and the morality need to be questioned but who expects that anyway. 😀


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