Rangoon review: 'Could-Have-Been' Masterpiece Not Upto Expectations


Vishal Bhardwaj returns with yet another slow paced masterpiece. Only that, it didn’t return the piece to the master. 😛

The movie centers around three characters, Julia (Kangana Ranaut), Rusi (Saif Ali Khan) and a soldier (Shahid Kapoor) serving the INA. Set at a time before India received her Independence, where the Brits dress up in Kurta and prove their love towards India, yet screams racial slurs at Indian freedom fighters, Rangoon gives an insight to the early ‘40s. The pacing moves as slow as a turtle and picks up here and there like how a turtle would when filled with adrenaline. Pacing is probably what reduced the audience’s interest or the controversies surrounding Kangana Ranaut. Adhyayan and Shekhar Suman picked on the film’s failure on Twitter.


The film has Vishal Bhardwaj written all over it because his films usually focus on the emotional depths of the characters while presenting each scenario. At the same time, best performances are extracted from the cast. Rangoon is more of a mineral water that you drink when you’re thirsty but you don’t feel like when you’re not at all thirsty.  You’ll enjoy this film and sit till the resolution when you have that patience backed by interest and if you are craving for a different flavour after the constant stereotypical masala flicks bombarded by Bollywood. I watched Rangoon with a lot of expectations and it didn’t live upto all that. One of the things I was looking forward to is to see Saif Ali Khan back on track after his disastrous sting with Humshakals. I hoped to see the versatile actor I admired, giving his cents backed by a profound vision of Vishal Bhardwaj. Unfortunately, apart from few moments (only moments) there is nothing for Khan to do. The show is stolen by Kangana Ranaut and her flexible portrayal of a brave stuntswoman. She is all feisty and stylish. She is good in her work and people admire her for that. She is someone who didn’t think twice before jumping onto a train to rescue her lover. She also shows men what a woman is capable of doing with just a word “aurat”. Just like how it is with most heroines in Bollywood, she lacks foundation and aim of her own. Her life revolves around the men in her life. From Rusi, her mentor, to the freedom fighter who inspires Julia to switch sides. Vishal Bhadwaj is otherwise known for powerful women in his films who exhibits personality more than sex appeal. Tabu and Irrfan Khan’s absence is felt throughout the film. The chemistry between Kangana and Shahid worked, making the kiss between them passionate as it is. The fear and desperate look in Julia’s eyes when the soldier was held at gunpoint is chilling and the final smile she gives when she shows Rusi, where her loyalty lies, is the highpoint of Rangoon’s storyline.

The art direction and production design team outdid themselves, working on settings of pre-independent time in India. As well as India’s association with Japan and German army. The second half of the film dragged on like Turtle pulling luggage and we hope for some event that will hold the interest of the audience but then you will want the characters to succeed and you want them to find peace as it is.

Rangoon is a good watch but still, it is a film that didn’t live up to the expectations, especially after watching the likes of Omkara, H, ider and Maqbool.


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