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Is this the other film neo-Nazis boycotted? Because it had a woman in the lead role? Female subjective figures do scare conservatives. 😛

A short review of Rogue one.

After delivering a daunting performance in Inferno, Felicity Jones steps in as Jyn Erso, the rebel who stole and delivered the death star plans to Princess Leia which led to the events as shown in the original star wars. If you have watched star wars (1977), then you will be introduced to Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) inserting the data into the hardrive of R2-D2 and she is captured by DarVaderder. The empire is ruthless and acknowledges the fact that the plans gives them hope and puts them ahead in terms of defeating the enemy. But, the biggest plothole was about the flaw within the deathstar. Why would the empire put such such flaw in one of their priced inventions? And who are these rebels?

Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelson) after witnessing the murder of his wife, plans revenge against the empire and does that by putting a flaw within the death star, making it susceptible to destruction. He leaves breadcrumbs which is eventually found by his daughter Jyn who takes up leadership of the rebellion to steal the plans. What follows is a heartfelt and emotional tale of sacrifice, teamwork, and valor in the face of adversity.

We get to see the life and times of Jyn and how the rebels gave up their lives to save the galaxy and to defeat the rebellion. Seeing Darth Vader again will lift up your spirits as the pacing slows down painfully at one point.  Notably, when one of the characters die, it gives clue about the ultimate fates of the characters. I considered getting up but then the spark ignites for the audience. It is touching and will make you feel proud of the team as well, in a way. Watching the end of Star wars: a new hope will be a different altogether after watching this film and you get just have to yell “for Rogue one!” when Luke drops fire in the death star’s core, to experience the overall effect.

Felicity Jones did a sincere job. She gave Jyn all the depth and the character is likable. She stood up along with the rest of cast and is the most attractive part of the film after Darth Vader’s daunting entry. Diego Luna is lively and it is nice to Donnie Yen as a well-polished character. Mads Mikkelson delivered standard performace and we get to see the glimpse of Princess Leia, C3PO and R2 D2. The use of CGI regeneration is a matter of debate, however. It was nice to see Leia again but it made me giggle as well. This is a staggering moment owing to the fact that it follows a very emotional moment. The quality and suspense escalate and you will holding your breath till the film is over. The merging into the events of star wars makes it even better and you feel for Jyn and rogue one. The visual and sound effects outdid Star wars the force awaken and the music is uplifting. I did miss the initial writing of the plot as it is shown in the other star wars films.

The film in a tribute to those rebels who gave their lives for good cause, without seeking anything including name and fame in return. Plus, this film a huge sigh of relief when compared to the disaster prequel trilogy. Atleast, after watching Rogue one (leaving out the prequels) you will get to experience the result of the cult dialogue in empire strikes back. Watch it for Felicity Jones and Darth Vader’s entry.


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