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J.K Rowling published a book named “Fantastic beats and where to find them” earlier and Harry Potter fans are reintroduced into this world with this prequel film. And, there will be 4 more sequels to this, with the controversial casting of Johnny Depp in the role of Gellert Grindelwald. So, there are fantastic beats and where do we find them? In Newt Scamander’s case of course, and he comes to New York to buy

In Newt Scamander’s (Eddie Redmayne) case of course, and he comes to New York to buy another fantastic beast but his case and meeting with Kowalski (Dan Fogler), wreaks havoc in NY city leading to the possible exposure of wizards. Now, wizards are living in secret from the real world of no-maj’s, American word for Muggles. The president (Carmen Ejogo) is a tough woman who does not go beyond the law or her words. She suspended Tina (Katherine Waterston) for saving a boy’s life by injuring the abusive foster mother in No Maj world. She knows what is right and what is best. As per the general notions, she could be the predictable villain but it was nice to see a woman in her position being applauded with the casting of a woman of color in her role. Newt’s personality and traits are totally different from a typical alpha male culture of heroes. He is sensitive and is more of nurturer, yet he is brave and intelligent. Eddie Redmayne brought depth and likeliness to this character and we see him explore the world. To him, humans are like aliens and more dangerous to the beats he captured. Newt’s case is a fascinating world and he introduced the same to Kowalski.

Kowalski is definitely the most fascinating character from the movie. I thought that he will be another annoying hyper excited prick that is seen in genres like, notably Ryan Gage’s performance in the hobbit. But he turned out to be the best part. You will feel bad at the idea of him being obliviated and not experience the wizarding world and the final moment will bring tears to your eyes. It is nice to see a muggle in a relevant role. And, in America there is fine line between magical and non-magical beings, clearly we get to see and experience the differences between Brits and Americans.

J.K Rowling’s ink and pen guarantee that the world and stories she introduces will lure you in. The movie is not as profound Harry Potter films but we get to experience the life of a wizard in the world out there. Personally, I hope that Jo Rowling will write a story about Harry’s experiences in the outside world with muggles apart from his aunt and family.

The chemistry between Eddie Redmayne and Katherine Waterston worked well in the film. Colin Farrell is another pluspoint and yet introducing the layered wizard with suave. His intentions are predictable along with cold nature but the final twist will blow your mind in a way. That’s Jo Rowling gave with her 7 HP stories, twists that make jaws drop. I expected Credence (ezra Miller) to be the young version of Lord Voldemort, his performance and the looks reminded me Tom Riddle from half blood prince but it can’t be that obvious.

The problems I find are the fact that the CGI looks obvious at times and we feel like this is a scenario from a video game. Some of the situations look silly rather than thrilling and the pacing slows down by mid-half and then it increases. If you go watch this with the kind of expectation from an HP film then you might be disappointed, apart from the final twist at the end. Plus, you will be rooting more for wizardry than romantic or comedic angle.

Fantastic is a pleasant watch or a fell good film bounded by suspense within the  wizarding world. It is worth watching at least once and unless the sequels come out (quickly) people might not look forward to the next film. Well, since there will be 4 more sequels, I wonder how and where the story is going to turn and if Newt will be in all of the adventures. Plus, can’t wait to see Grindelwald and Dumbledore in action.


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