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Jessica Chastain promoted this film in her social media pages such that it is good enough to highlight a feminist flick. This is the one feminist film that also passes the Bechdel test. We see a woman who decides to take up a case that may destroy her career because she sees and stands up for the survivor in another woman. Similarly, the one who is thought of as a backstabber and a rival is seen to be the biggest leverage at the end for Miss Sloane. The movie features the life of an ambitious woman, more than that, how she stands up for what is right and, men fear her for that.

The movie started off with a lot of dragging and overlapping dialogue oriented scenes that make it more of a documentary. We see actors taking breaths in between to get a break from all the dialogue delivery and fewer emotions are projected in that sense. Miss Sloane is the showoff with an arrogant and biased attitude towards her colleagues. It will be difficult to like her throughout the film as she even resort to unethical methods like surveillance and solicitation. Even at the end, with the revealing of the big twist, Miss Sloane looks unapologetic and steadfast as she effortlessly delivers her statement but it all before she takes deep breathe with tears of guilt and fear in her eyes. The movie lies on her shoulders and unless you are able to understand and identify with her, you can’t enjoy the film. The person I was watching this film with walked after about 30 minutes because the contents seem too hard for him to digest including Miss Sloane’s eccentricity. For me, curiosity took the cake as it kept at the edge of the seat, waiting to watch what happened at the end.

The second half is livelier as we get to see how the ladies and gentlemen are taking a stand against the second amendment and the loopholes in it while we get to see the different side of those who oppose the passage of the bill. For them, it is all about the profits. Those who read about the gun violence and massacres will only want the loopholes to be filled, so that the right to possess firearms will be with those who are registered without any prior criminal record. The resolution is the best part of the film in that sense. Jessica Chastain stood out in the film with her grace and suaveness. She is more of “do” person that “say”. She is unapologetic but at the end, someone who believed in what is right and what the country needs. We see women understanding women and how they stand up for themselves. Raw’s character highlighted that in a better sense. It is nice to see Mark Strong but subdued. John Lithgow’s surprise work wonders as per circumstances and we will feel sorry for him. The double standards and power held by the rich and powerful are well highlighted in that sense.

The movie is a very serious watch and unless you have the time and mind to dedicate for 2 hours, the film cannot be enjoyed. It is not an entertainer but a set of questions that you will end up asking yourself including about the 2nd amendment. But yes, raise the champagne for Jessica.


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