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Dear Zindagi is the kind of film the youth of India needs right now since we are ranking very low in happiness index. It is a feel good film and in a way helps you think of what you need in life. The feminist narrative within the film outlines the life everyday life of independent women, from the perks faced by single women living in Mumbai to the uncles and aunties bickering about marriage. This is realistic film with lively presentation and bright picturisation. Alia Bhatt, despite being made fun of for the goof up she made in Koffee with Karan, is a genius in real life. She has chosen really good scripts which will help in establishing her image as a subjective figure. This is also the first great film of Shah Rukh Khan’s I am watching after my name is Khan.


Come on SRK!!!

Kaira (Alia Bhatt) lives a very unstable life. She is working as a cinematographer, a highly male dominated field where women barely get the recognition or oppurtunities. She is doing what she likes yet she is waiting for that one big break that could define her career. She is very creative and has admirers including her boyfriend Raghavendra (Kunal Kapoor). She faces one problem after the other since she finds out that Raghavendra is engaged.

Kaira, in this film, reminded me of Will Hunting from Good Will Hunting. She pushes people away before they can abandon her as a form of defence mechanism. The only difference is that Kakira is also fighting something bigger; Indian society that sees unmarried women as a burden. Almost every girl who wants to lead an independent life, with dreams and aspirations could identify themselves with Kaira. Gauri Shinde has added all the flavours from the uninteresting life lead by women, like how Shashi spoke about the double standards faced by women leading a domestic life in “English Vinglish”. Kaira’s relationship and chemistry with her therapist Jug (Shah Rukh Khan) are the major plus point in the film. She finally meets someone who actually understands her and gives a new path. As opposed to all the unnecessary lecturing and stigma, the first thing Kaira learns from Jug is that having mental health issues and asking for help should not be a burden. It is ok to have problems, what matters is how it is solved.

I watched this film at a time when I myself was stressed due to the exams and expectations. Watching this movie made me feel good and there is more to life, especially for a creative person. Alia Bhatt is fantastic in this movie. She deserves all the recognition she is getting. Alia Bhatt is the best actress of her generation and the best actress in the pool of prominent actresses in Bollywood. The scene where she confronts her parents for abandoning for not giving her attention is applause worthy due to her punchy performance. Shah Rukh Khan is lively like he always is. The supporting cast were perfect skeletal structures.

The songs, especially “love you zindagi” blends well within the film’s context as opposed to the unnecessary addition for marketing strategies. The only disadvantage I could think of the sluggish during the first half of the film and Ali Zafar’s presence was too lengthy. It could have been more passionate and seemingly we are in the same mood as Kaira is in the film.

The film is also a voice for those with mental health issues. Though the context does not really say the name out loud, Kaira finding redemption and the her new found meaning to life is an uplifting moment. Dear Zindagi is a must watch film that is different from conventional Bollywood with socially important messages within the context.


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