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This is the one film with an ending which made me cry since Titanic. 🙁 

In 2013, the news related actor Paul Walker’s death came crashing into all of our minds. On December 1st, we all woke up to the world where he no longer existed. Along with the mourning and funeral, the fast and furious team, who initially announced that they were keeping the shoot on hold indefinitely, said that they are continuing with the sequel. Furious 7 went on the floors. I was curious on how they will handle the scenes which will require him along with the ending which will decide Brian O’ Connor’s fate. The tribute is the one part we all look forward to. When the film was released in 2015, it went on to break many records and grossed over 1 billion at the box office.

Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) has a new villain up his tail, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) who killed his teammate Han (Sung Kang) and destroyed his home 1327 which almost killed his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) and Brian (Paul Walker). Dom vows revenge and he is approached by a secret agent (Kurt Russell) who asks for his help in saving Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) who invented a powerful device named god’s eye.

A lot of people asked me if this film paid a good tribute to the late actor. If you consider the last 15 minutes then yes, it is a beautiful tribute to Paul Walker. At the end, you don’t see Dom, Letty, Roman or Tej but Vin, Michelle, Tyrese and Ludacris pondering over their friend and indirectly mentions how he shouldn’t have died at a very young age when Letty says “It is where he belongs” while looking at Brian with his son. The moment where he plays with his son and wife will leave a lump in your throat. Once the credits started, I realised that tears were rolling down my cheeks and couldn’t talk in a normal voice for another 10 minutes. The ending will make you feel good as the character Brian is spared of the gruesome fate Han or Giselle faced in previous films. However, the movie has this effect only in the last few minutes.

Overall, we get back to back moments that give you an excruciating headache and *facepalm* moments. Plus I haven’t heard these many one-liners since the ’90s films. And that, over the top moment at the Etihad towers which will make you jump over the seat.



And this moment with the rock.



When I watched this film again, the action sequences literally pissed me off and it deviated too much from the street race film that was introduced to us in 2001. Plus, apart from the ending, the film didn’t give proper justice to Brian. He is reduced to a background character who follows Dom, fight for him and in one of the scenes, Dom treated Brian like his assistant; when he said “Brian give it to him” when Mr Nobody asked for the chip. I wish Brian is given more importance as opposed to the desire he dropped in between about how is afraid of getting used to normal life. Vin Diesel stuck to his coolness followed by gruffiness. Michelle Rodriguez had the second fight sequences with a female boxer but she also did her share of overacting. Dwayne Johnson, if you keep the “recovery scene”aside, is fantastic in this movie with his liveliness and facial expressions. Tyrese Gibson is limited to being a joker while Ludacris is the tech-guy. Women were not spared of objectification. Ramsey will probably be remembered for the bikini scene than her cleverness and tactics. That being said, what will all the shots of women’s butt? Don’t tell me that the target audience is male gaze as opposed to men.

The best part about this film is definitely the soundtracks, “see you again” is my personal favourite which was snubbed of an academy award nomination. Apart from the last 15 minutes, this movie is just another typical flavour from the new-born fast series with (too many) explosions, over the top acting, Diesel’s macho man image, objectification of women and the action scene that makes you eyes roll back.


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