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I was 8 years old when I saw Hugh Jackman in action as the Wolverine for the first time. His charisma and the amount of energy he was able to bring to this character intrigued me. Wolverine has been a popular figure for young boys who try imitate him by holding three twigs between their fingers and growl furiously. Hugh Jackman became an icon overnight and he immortalized the image the image of Wolverine. With this film, his long journey comes to an end.

Logan is an old man who is dying due to adamantium poisoning and he is living in seclusion with Prof X and Caliban. Things become intense when Laura enters his life and as it turns out, she is the ultimate weapon.

This film shows either the saddest or the best end to a decade and a half-year-old franchise. Although it literally means the end for all the characters from the series that we like, there is no other way to actually make it up for good. However, if you are looking forward to an action filled entertainer then you will be disappointed. This movie has the pace of an award film and you will be needing patience after the first action scene; where we get to see Laura fight like a girl, means she fights as hard as she could with grace, flexibility, and high squealed aggression. Kudos to all those trained her and choreographed the action scenes, it is pleasure to witness the badass girl. Dafne Keen brought to intense looks and charisma for a young action heroine but her face becomes livelier towards the second half where she has an emotional breakdown moment with Logan. As always, it is a pleasure to watch Hugh Jackman, both in terms of acting and action. No one can nail this role better than him, so my advice to the industry is not to reboot the Wolverine character for another 10 years. The combination scenes of Jackman and Stewart include the fine acting moments. Patrick Stewart is believable and probably his best portrayal in last few years. Boyd Holbrook presented the typical show off who gets his butt kicked more.

The best part is the technical side. The sound effects, the actions scenes, and the music created a fine blend of cinema. Otherwise, the pacing is too slow for a Marvel movie. The ending will make you feel sad in a way, without giving much in terms of plot points, the tragic aspect is what gives this film the momentum and a ray of hope for the characters. The humanity of these characters takes the cake and it is essential for everyone, superhero or not. Mangold succeeded in bringing that to the screen with his artistic vision. Logan is also the most violent superhero film since Deadpool, so parental advice is needed.

The film is worth your time, especially, the fans of Jackman and X-men series. The film is also for those girls looking forward to a super-heroine.


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  1. Really found Logan to be a refreshing comic book movie, more of a neo-western than anything I suppose. I’m hoping to share my own film blog, ideas, and reviews with others, and have recently tasked myself to go to the bottom of the cinematic barrel and review all of the mockbusters, starting with Alien vs. Hunter. Whether my sanity stays with me through this to Snakes on a Train is the question. https://thefilmfanaticweb.wordpress.com/

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