Ore mugham is one of the films I purchased because of the hype related to the film’s suspense, twist, and the non-linear style storytelling. It is just another cliched film.

The movie talks about 2 timelines, the present where Aravindan (Devan) murder is being investigated by the police officer (Chemban Vinod) and a journalist. Through their discoveries, we see the past life of five friends and the main goon Zachariah (Dhyan Sreenivasan). Zachariah is a rowdy and a chaser of women who has no respect. Yet he is very popular in the campus and friend circle. As the mystery is being unravelled, more people, who spoke against Zachariah in the real estate murder case, are murdered.

First of all, the casting of the film wasn’t punchy enough. From the journalist who lacked facial expressions to Chemban Vinod who looks more like a police officer who pretends to be tough. Dhyan Sreenivasan, with his beard and bloodshot eyes, couldn’t bring the charisma and intimidation that was expected from his character. His emotional outbursts seemingly were turned off by the dimness in his eyes. Whoever told Dhyan that he could do intense bully roles and comedic roles should be confronted as he didn’t justice to this film and adi kapyare kootamani respectively. Aju Varghese stuck to his stereotypical depiction of an eve teaser and comedic flavour in the movie. He brought nothing to the plate though he is the only person who managed to create liveliness onscreen. He is only better than his co-stars who are like blank sheets. Prayaga Martin and Gayathri Suresh were dolls in their regards and Martin lacked the soul when she tried to play the tough girl. Maniyanpilla Raju stuck to his standard with his controlled acting but having Sneha next group within the same age category is questionable. Do women age that rapidly?

The cinematography is limited to mid shots and static frames and this is felt more after watching “Charlie” and “Kammattipadam” where the camera work contributed massively. The only positive strike is that we will be sitting through the film just to know the resolution; curiosity. But there is enough dragging between that might tempt you to leave the theatres. The movie is based on all cliched instances; men coming out in a heroic manner after raping a woman, hero’s ‘sacrifice mentality’ where he is ready to let go of his lover for his friend, where women are made into plot devices and responsible ones for brutal crimes and a theme with no proper buildup and resolution. Plus there are plenty of plot holes. Like how come the fingerprints and semen stains on Gayathri’s (Gayathri Suresh) body didn’t determine who the real rapist is and if her’s or Devan’s parents weren’t ready to give a fight in court. Zachariah is seemingly absconding after the estate murder but the questions related to the whereabouts are still hanging lifelessly.

Ore Mukham is another cliched flick and clearly not worth your time. The movie could have been polished better in terms of presentation. Even then, the ending kills the whole appeal as the idea of “lust” is still something that is hard to digest and Malayalam should let go of it for the sake of better presentation of women.


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