“You went full Steve Harvey…

You never go full Steve Harvey”

The guy who messed up in front of a billion people in 2015 Miss Universe competition could now take a breath or two in ’cause Bonnie and Clyde did it!

Well, jokes apart.

It neither Bonnie nor Clyde’s fault. The showmakers messed it up and they try to neutralise the situation. Clyde was in a fix and when he looked at Bonnie with confusion, we as audience members thought he was being funny, ’cause drums were rolling in the background. If you look closely, he rechecks the envelope before turning to Bonnie.

He was given the envelope saying “Best actress Emma Stone for La La land“. Perhaps, Bonnie’s confidence made her announce la la land due to all hype surrounding the film’s possible victory at the Oscars. The dejected lala land team handled the situation gracefully as the producer announced “moonlight” as the winner for best picture saying that he is happy for his friend. The cast crew hugged each other and in a matter of seconds Moonlight replaced the la la land team with both Kimmel and Beatty explaining the situation. It was a screwed up moment but the whole handling of the situation made it a lesser awkward moment, though I am tad bit disappointed that producers of moonlight didn’t get their opportunity to express their happiness.

During all these chaos, for a few minutes, we wished that this happened.


This Oscar evening is definitely a path breaking one. Kimmel did a fantastic job as opposed to his predecessors who made bad name for themselves (except Ellen DeGeneres). He handled the evening with ease and humour. He called out to the white supremacist commander-in-chief who himself created a lot of chaos in the previous month. Along with that, there were many historical moments.

Mahershala Ali became the first Muslim to win an Oscar in the acting category.

Viola Davis received triple crown in acting with her Oscar victory; Emmy, Tony and Oscar and is the first African American actress to receive the same.

Indian representatives; Priyanka Chopra, Dev Patel and, Om Puri was mentioned in memoriam segment.

Salesman won best foreign film and the film’s director Asghar Farhadi received the opportunity to attack Trump’s inhuman travel ban of seven countries who are victims of terrorism. Anousheh Ansari spoke on his behalf.

Emma Stone joined Jennifer Lawrence’s club though it broke my heart Amy Adams on stage as she was snubbed this year.

The diversity in the acting categories were immense since the last 2 years were all messed up with all Caucasian nominees.

In simple words, this year’s Oscars are relevant and entertaining. The final 10 minutes will be remembered in the years to come.

P.S debate around Affleck’s victory continues…

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