Resident evil afterlife was surprisingly a good film, only good. Paul W.S Anderson returns to direct this one and with Cameron’s 3D cameras. It gave the film better scope for popularity as Avatar’s success led to the trend in Hollywood and many films were being released and re-released in 3D. Resident evil afterlife’s appeal has a lot to do with this format.

The movie has a tremendous beginning where we see a Japanese girl standing alone in the middle of a crowded city in the rain. She is getting drenched and at the end, as a man notices her looking back at him, she quickly turns into a zombie and bites him. This was intense and I wish the script writers formatted the whole series with this form of suspense. Then, after Alice’s cranky narration, the story follows the end of resident evil extinction. Alice (Milla Jovovich) makes a bunch of clones of herself and she goes after Wesker (Shawn Roberts). Wesker injects the anti-serum to render the T-virus in her inert and she loses all the power. After the clash which seemingly killed Wesker, Alice sets out to look for her friends. She finds her former ally Claire (Ali Larter) who is suffering from amnesia and other refugees are missing. What she wasn’t looking forward to is the betrayal related to Arcadia.

Now, watching this film was a much refreshing experience after the back-to-back disappointments but it didn’t let go of the cliffhanger tradition. There are suspenseful scenarios and elements of surprise. Above all, the 3D effects make the film more enjoyable along with the sound effects. At the end of the day, I don’t think any other series has a better feminist appeal than resident evil series (Maybe Jessica Jones). Both Alice and Claire fight like women facing invasion and “girls got to be prepared” as told in Alice’s words. And these ladies deserved better depth and story-telling instead of a video game film that received flak from critics. Milla Jovovich sticks to her cranky accent but stylish action which is made either really cool or really annoying with all the slow motions. Why was that done? Ali Larter looked fantabulous and a lot similar to Claire Redfield from the games. That’s about it from the acting. There isn’t much to look forward apart from Alice’s throwing blades towards the camera for the 3D effect. What takes the cake is Tomandandy’s music like “binoculars”, “Los Angeles” and “I am not on the Menu” scene where Alice and Claire fight Wesker.

Resident evil afterlife can be enjoyed if you simply want a change in your film watching routines. Like if you saw so many “dramas or “romances” back to back and is looking forward to a change. As a film, it could have been better than a video game or a lame parody of Matrix series. And, you will enjoy it better if you have no idea about the plot.


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