Resident evil is back to its original course with boring scenarios, unnecessary deaths, and subjugation. The first film started with an intention to create a thriller where the survivors are running for their lives. Resident evil retribution is just another video game film where the characters are trying to overcome each level. Paul W.S Anderson’s vision simply regressed into a cacophony of over the top and it simply makes you think, where are they going exactly with this franchise?



The reason why I looked forward to this is because of the return of characters Rain (Michelle Rodriguez), Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) and the introduction of Ada Wong (Li Bingbing). Ada Wong is shown as someone who is slick, cool and clever enough to have a plan, what was the plan? To get caught. The movie didn’t do justice to the hype surrounding the introduction of the video game characters. Or the makers simply wanted to show a video game, only that the people don’t have to play and worry about their POV characters from getting killed. Michelle is just there to show her face and a cheesy final fight sequence. Jill Valentine is unintentionally the most popular character, just because she happens to the prettiest. She just stares blankly and at one point, when she was free from Umbrella’s brainwashing, Jill just gave a smile and moved away.

The movie has an epic beginning but after seeing Alice back in the experimental room with that apron, I facepalmed thinking “back to the same old bullshit“. Wesker is back to bore us to death though Michelle’s appearance in a way compensated that. The whole movie was simply focussing on the group saving a young girl from the Umbrella. We also get to see the misuse of slow motions and CGI shots. Alice in her tight black leather suit tries to look daunting but she almost loses a fist fight to Jill Valentine and Rain if it wasn’t for luck.

Resident evil retribution could deliver the retribution. As I have mentioned earlier, it is just a cacophony of explosions and people chattering in undertones voices, clearly not worth the time. Neither Luther West’s charms nor the axeman’s return nor the movie’s feminist appeal was able to do it. I was simply waiting for the film to get over with. The previous resident evil films did not have that issues in spite of the lame plot.


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