It has come to an end.

Milla Jovovich and director Paul W.S Anderson officially confirmed the end of Alice’s story. Fans are dimming up while the critics, who had been having kicks while trashing the films, are rejoicing. Personally, I have enjoyed the resident evil franchise as much as I despised the cliched action sequences, plotlines which resembled a video game than a feature film and wooden acting giving no depth to the characters. The reason why I enjoyed the series is because of the fact that it was immersive enough for us to wait till the film’s end, there is suspense stacked in between the bustles and the Milla Jovovich’s portrayal of a kickass woman who survived a zombie apocalypse, disregarding the notion that women are zero without men during crisis. Since the end of the 5th film, I was looking forward to the next resident evil as I wanted to know if they will clear the mess or not and how they will be doing it. In 2014, Anderson revealed that “the wheels are not set in motion“. But years later, out of the blue, I came across the trailer of resident evil 6.



Resident evil: the final chapter closes Alice’s (Milla Jovovich) adventures but with a much better resolution and added a flavour that was not there in any of the previous films; depth. We get to know more about the red queen’s (Ever Gabo Anderson) foundations and Alice’s real identity which explains why she didn’t have any memory before the events of the resident evil. And, I am happy to see Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) back but disappointed that her role was limited. As far as the script is concerned, it is quiet visible that director Paul W S Anderson was trying to redeem all the mistakes he made in the previous film resident evil retribution, which was painfully intolerable as we are forced to watch Alice being beaten, subdued and on brink of death unlike her warrior self which makes anyone want to depend on her. Here, she runs the game, says a big ‘shut up‘ to Alexander Issacs (Iain Glen) (who tried to exploit her) with her skills,  leads a team, shows the upper hand to the team who tries to betray her and the final climax makes it even better. However, as always, the film continues to follow the tradition of introducing one action scene after the other, which was made for the sake of killing a character and over-the-top sequences which looked more cheesy than impressive. I enjoyed the scene where Alice destroys an army of zombies with fire and the film tried to portray “unity” when Alice’s team looked out for one another during “reverse polarity” scene. It lacked soul owing to the underacting, I do not expect a resident evil film to deliver an acting masterpiece or factual accuracy.

Shawn Roberts returns as the ever boring villain Wesker. Come on! He is a combination of Agent Smith and Edward Cullen, the stereotypical portrayal makes him more ludicrous to watch. Iain Glen added better depth and explains how he survived after his death in resident evil extinction. Ali Larter’s role was limited but Ruby Rose’s sudden departure was more disappointing, I was looking forward to her cents. The only good acting, from the movie, is from Ever Gabo Anderson who did a good job as the red queen and Alicia. She had the innocent looks of a child and her vocal performance as a computer program is believable. After witnessing the evil nature of the “red queen” program in previous films, her sudden shift of sides is on point due to the layered nature as portrayed by Anderson. While watching resident evil retribution I just wished that they added something or the other related to the red queen to give the plot extra leverage and get rid of the video game image. They did

The screen had washed out colors, dim lighting and action sequences had shaky cam shots which might give you a headache. But other than that, certain cinematographical shots are amazing. Milla Jovovich had enough sequences to show off, notably the laser scene, which was made just for her. Though her undertoned performance along with her cranky vocals is annoying at times, the only facet that makes resident evil series worthy is Milla’s presence. She is charming, charismatic, flexible, and a kickass woman. Watching her character get the upper hand is enjoyable. Paul Haslinger’s music is immersive adding a touch action, rush and feminity within the action.

Resident evil the final chapter is not a great film. It is not everyone’s cup of tea but a commercial entertainer that could be enjoyed when you look forward to an adrenaline rush. The movie compensates mistakes made in previous films and makes you want to revisit them. My request to the filmmakers is; don’t get any bright ideas. The film has a good resolution, let it be that way.

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