The daytime talk show host who brings energy wherever she goes…

The woman who inspired to keep swimming…

Ellen DeGeneres is one of my most favorite celebrities. She is a survivor of sexual abuse and haters of LGBTQIA. She is the reason why I am a proud ally of LGBTQIA movement. After facing bullets for her decision to come out in 1997, Ellen is the proof that one could overcome any obstacle with a positive attitude, happiness and by just keep swimming towards your goal.

My Top Ten Favorite Ellen Show Episodes…


>> Taylor and Zac Efron’s tribute to Ellen.

I watched when I was doing my Zoology degree and remember those days.

>> Dennis Quaid is here!

One does not simply make a celebrity go to a coffee shop.

>> Meeting Gladys

Her laugh is so adorable

>> Sending Andy and Amy to the haunting house.

Ellen sends her writer and brave executive producer Andy to the maze. This gets better every time you see it.

>> Scaring Taylor Swift

I hated it I hated it I hated

But we will love it

>> Steve Carrell makes history

After scaring her guests back to back, Ellen is finally caught! 😀

>> Natalie Portman’s massive appetite

When she finished french fries and pickles within the interval. 😛

> Portia’s first visit

> Tony’s laughter

God I miss the DJ

> Ronda vs Andy

When Ellen asks Andy to fight Ronda Rousey.


These are the ones that popped into my head. One does not simply choose 10 favorites from an ocean of many. 

 Keep Swimming


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