The accountant is a calm and composed tale which tries to narrate a disturbing story about a man seeking revenge as well as justice. The calmness surrounding the circumstances might tempt you to fall asleep while a jerk or two in between the plot thanks to J.K Simmon’s narration the film keeps you at the edge as well.

Christian Wolffe suffers from high functioning autism and was very violent and hyper as a child. His brilliance was noticed by a therapist although his mother, unable to handle all the tantrums, left the family. As a grown up (Ben Affleck) Christian is more grounded yet he cannot be challenged. If someone becomes his target then he has a hard time to shake him or her off. Christian listens to rock music with a flash light to keep himself composed. Things have become different for him since he met Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick) who is targetted for termination since she found out a secret.

This movie is more flawed than it is good. The director’s intention is to reveal Christian’s story parallelly by showing his stable yet “busy” adult life and as a child where he had to be trained and motivated by his father. His father constantly put him in painful and dire circumstances so that his “layers could be peeled off” and the result is someone as tough as “iron man” who does not need a suit. The accountant is an unintentional superhero in this movie. The director failed the humanize this character and the biggest flaw is Ben Affleck himself. Affleck is an actor who has improved dramatically since delivered major disasters like “gigli”, “paycheck” and “daredevil” where he barely moved eyes and facial muscles. The movie “Hollywood land” and “Argo” gave birth to the actor in him as he was controlled and lively. Affleck tried his best to be this mysterious figure who shouldn’t be messed with, yet you want to feel sorry for him as he can’t have a normal life with a woman he had feelings for. We won’t feel for him because he lacked the mystic appearance and he lacked chemistry with Anna Kendrick. Overall, he is steadfast and enough for us to be able to sit through the whole movie. Anna Kendrick tried to add her squash in the form quick dialect but her character lacked the soul. Unless she sits down to talk for 10 minutes straight we barely get to know her. Whenever Kendrick tries to talk to Affleck in the film we could only relate to 100 other films we have watched where the hero is lost and the heroine is trying to cheer him up. Eventually, Kendrick is taken out of the equation, we forget her and not even the tale of that “dress by Vera Wang” makes her memorable. The villain could be identified easily and the filmmakers need to come up with better ideas in terms of presenting. J.K Simmons and Cynthia Adai Robinson could have made this into a much better tale but at the end, we will be like “what were they doing? what was the investigation all about?“. Robinson reveals a story where she took down a drug dealer who sold drugs to her sister, thus saving the latter for a normal life while she paid price. This added the layer to her character but only the for the sake of it. The best part is the character Justine who forms a connection with Wolfe. He keeps the recordings of her translations in his car and listens to while driving. He has some feelings for her and it was a good facet added by the director.

Technically, the uplifting aspect is the sound effects notably in the final shootout sequence. The cinematography did a terrific job there as Wolfe was able to blend himself with the background such that none of the shooters could reach within 10 miles of him. His conversation with his long lost relative made this movie anti-climatic and seemed more like the director’s attempts to show off the final twist. The accountant is slow, predictable and hazy. Perhaps, a second viewing might improve the experience.


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0 thoughts on “The Accountant review: Straightforward, Predictable And Hazy

    1. Spiderman Homecoming? Are you serious? Hope you mean the exact opposite..
      Yes, you are right. The super hero is movie trend is killing the Hollywood and movies like Accountant are some reliefs from that.
      I liked the movie especially the way it is presented.
      I do agree with the review that as the movie picks up towards the end, the outcome is pretty much predictable, because the flash backs show Braxton training with Christian and he goes missing.. Naturally if you have seen atleast a hundred movies, we’d expect who the hitman would be. From the scenes following the insulin scene and the reactions of the CEO who would be the mastermind behind it all.
      And add to it the last reunion of the brothers, it’s all crystal clear the way it takes the story line up. The shooting of the villain on the head is 100% predictable. If not, it’s because the viewer is coming from an overdose of spidermans and supermans.
      Ben Affleck I thought was pretty good and so was Simmons. Others were OK. I wouldn’t watch it again but I don’t regret I did once.

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