An inspiring story about a family who fought against all odds and lived with their integrity intact. Gifted artist Vineeth Srinivasan has delivered another gem in the form of Jacobinte Swargarajyam, based on a true story. Biopics have its own charm and watching this movie is a fresh experience for me as someone who is tired of cliched romance and dirty jokes. Vineeth Sreenivasan has extracted the best out of everyone in terms, acting, cinematography, editing, music, and art direction.

Jacob Zachariah is a happy-go-lucky businessman who has a lovely relationship with everyone around him. He created a heavenly kingdom in the city of Dubai, his family of three sons, a daughter, and wife. Things were going perfectly for them until a man he trusted, robs him of 13 crore rupees and he, deep in debt, is forced to leave Dubai leaving his wife and kids behind. What follows is an inspiring yet touching story about how the family moved forward against all odds as Jerry took over the family business.

You can trust Nivin Pauly, all of his films have a minimum guarantee and even if his movie is a flop, it is surely worth your time. That is the guy’s success in a nutshell. He is able to deliver a natural and controlled acting and make an ordinary character stand out in an ensemble cast. I loved the way he remained calm whenever the brutish arrogant businessman Murali Menon (Ashwin Kumar) taunted him and his father yet he shed tears of anger when his mother was threatened and arrested by the police. What takes the cake is how each family member stood up for each other when necessary. The brothers beat up a boy who spoke of ill of their mother, Jerry bought a bigger Rubik’s cube for his youngest brother as he was mentioned as a genius by his teachers and when his brother takes the blame for his drinking. Sai Kumar played a fantastic character who gives Jerry an awesome speech before “throwing him” out of the car. He always maintained a minimum standard. The person who surprised me the most is Renji Panicker. He has come far from the stereotypical “big daddy” image to be the light bearer who radiates it around him with a smile. He sees his children as equal, notably when he praises Jerry and Ammu’s intelligence as the means to challenge the richest businessmen. It is a fresh change as opposed to the usual trend where daughters are meant to be married off. Vineeth Sreenivasan also made a funny yet adorable cameo as “Yusuf Shah” and has the best moment with Nivin Pauly.

Technically a touch of “thattanthin marayathu” and “thira” is felt but the advancement is well visible with camera angles and editing. Emotions of the characters were captured well along with the beauty of the city and desert.  We could feel the wind and noise of Dubai as Jerry tries to engulf his fears and frustration with Dubai city’s inspiration. Everything his father taught him becomes meaningful to him. Jacobinate Swargarajyam is undoubtedly Nivin’s as well Vineeth Sreenivasan’s best film till date. You will be inspired to do something for your family after watching this.


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