Arrival review: Best Movie of 2016



Bring that Oscar Amy!

She is Midas in her own terms, anything and everything she touches become pure gold. She is the saving grace of DCU’s over destructive man of steel and batman vs superman: dawn of justice, in spite of embodying an anti-feminist character. Amy Adams steps into the shoes of a woman torn between the present and future. Arrival is the story of a woman who sees beyond what was presented to her. The story is based on short tale written by Ted Chiang. We see the events of the arrival through Louise’s eyes. She witnesses the death of her beloved daughter and the arrival of extra-terrestrials. To her, both these events are connected and over time, she unravels the mystery. Arrival is not the typical fast paced sci-fi movie, so you need not buckle up and wait for swooshing effects and action you witnessed in gravity, interstellar and Martian. The movie is slow and it requires a good percentage of your patience, however, lack of boredom is guaranteed. The arrival is the perfect successor to these sci-fi masterpieces.

Amy Adams is superb, mere words can’t describe how well she made the on-screen experience worthwhile with her controlled acting. Her emotional range and vocal intensity gave voice and strength to Louise, the woman who saved the Earth. The way she acted in the scene where she is told about her daughter’s death and the scene where negotiates with the Chinese leader are top class. While Amy leads, everyone just follows. Jeremy Renner steadfast and he has the ability to transcend from superhero to nerd scientist. His combination scenes with Amy were on point along with Whittaker’s leverage. I was not at all surprised to see Denis Villeneuve’s name in the credits owing to the movie’s poetic direction. Each shot is like an art form which takes its time to highlight the gracefulness.  His previous films prisoners and Sicario had the same effect in terms of emotional connection and depth for characters. Along with that, we get a strong and determined female character, who is also a powerful voice as a woman in her field. Structurally the movie presents several instances together, but if you are paying attention the whole time, you will be able to connect the dots better. I admired the concept related to the aliens but it would have been better if they elaborated a little on that facet, Louise’s gift and its foundations are not clear. The editor and cinematographer deserve their respective accolades along with the music director Johann Johanssen who created the suave of energy that puts in the film with the characters. The initial montage worked in terms of enhacing the effect in order to lure in the audience.

So far, arrival is the best film I have watched in 2016. Amy Adams should be this year Academy award winner though she has competition in the form of Natalie Portman.


Featured image: Arrival official


  1. Heard a lot about this movie.If i get a chance i will definitely watch it.
    where do you go to watch hollywood movies?Does the theater nearby you play these movies?

  2. karthika i have a movie recommendation for you-Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge.This war based movie has great ratings.I haven’t seen it,but surely i will 🙂

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