My favorite Hollywood actresses.

Nicole Kidman



Nicole is one of the most versatile actresses of her generation. She has an intriguing look, cute smile and the ability to blend into the role she is given. Even if the film is boring, Nicole’s performance is worth it. I remember watching “dead calm” when I was 10 years old and was fascinated by her portrayal. Then I saw “the others”, “Australia”, “Interpreter”, “Moulin Rouge”, “Far and away” and I enjoyed “Golden Compass” because of her charisma as the villain. Waiting for her next big project. 🙂


Jennifer Lawrence



I predicted Jennifer’s Lawrence’s massive success since I watched “X-men: first class” where she delivered an adorable performance as Mystique. She is the youngest actress to win an Academy award for her performance as a nymphomaniac Tiffany Maxwell in “Silver linings playbook” who also suffers from borderline personality disorder. The most punchy performance of hers till date is Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger games series, followed by Oscar-nominated “Winter’s Bone”. She has the potential to break Katherine Hepburn and Meryl Streep’s records as long as she does the right project. <3


Jennifer Connelly



She played John Nash’s loyal yet disturbed wife in “a beautiful mind” for which she received a well-deserved Academy Award. She is expressive and versatile. I became a fan of Jennifer’s since I watched “Blood Diamond” where she played a gutsy investigative reporter who is on a mission to expose Van de Kapp’s unethical methods and war inducing deeds. She is astounding in “dark water”, “house of sand and fog”, “Noah” and last but not the least, “Requiem for a Dream”, a role that continues to be a pathbreaker in her career.


Rachel Weisz



In my movie collection, Rachel Weisz has the best variety of roles; from a scientist to a “proud” librarian, to a brave journalist who gave her life while trying to investigate a pharmaceutical company. My favorite by Rachel is “the mummy” but then she left a huge mark in “constant gardener” and “deep blue sea”. I remember watching “the mummy” and “chain reaction” just to watch Rachel’s adorable portrayal.


Naomi Watts



She is charming, beautiful and expressive. I have been a big fan of Naomi Watts since I watched “the ring” series, where she delivered a steadfast portrayal. She has the strong shoulders to carry forward expectations and anticipation from the audience. Her performance in “Mulholland Dr”, “21 grams”, “the impossible”, “Birdman” and “international” enhances her range and staunch approach. She is also a Vampire in real life *LoL*, looks young for her age, therefore was cast as Ann Darrow when she was 36.

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