After watching 2 Harihar Nagar, I wanted to know where the story is going to go. Therefore, I brought ‘In Ghosthouse Inn’ with a lot of expectations. The movie is very enjoyable and in a way better than 2 Harihar Nagar. Thomaskutty buys a bungalow to start a resort as a form of retribution for all the gambling mistakes he made in the past. The four friends reunite again to help Thomaskutty in his venture. The biggest obstacle they are facing is in the form of news and gossips related to the bungalow being haunted by the ghost of a woman and a man, both of whom were murdered by the owner of the Bungalow Dorothy Fernandes. They approach Fr Dominic (Nedumudi Venu) for help. 

Surprisingly, although the premise looked ridiculous, I enjoyed watching in Ghosthouse inn due to the comedy, suspense, elements of horror, and more depth. Appukuttan’s comedy is over the top but he is wasn’t that displeasing. Mukesh and Siddique stuck to their standards acting but it was a *tad bit* difficult to watch their hilarity during the initial “cheesy horror” sequence as they look more like children in adult’s bodies. If that is what Lal intended then it works. At the end of the day, I had a good laugh especially when Jagadish was talking in his sleep “dental doctorkku aadhyamaayi oscar award” (Dentist wins oscar for the first time). Watching Asokan’s acting was a big relief for me as he was too stressed to be tolerated in “2 Harihar Nagar’s” climax scene. He is back as the Thomaskutty we loved and admired as he corrects his friend’s misunderstanding about wanting to be with women other than their wives. Nedumudi Venu brought in a whole different flavor backed by his excellent dialogue delivery. The climax of the film added the thrills although we might end up thinking “how did that happen? why did it happen? what will happen?“.

After it was revealed that the movie will have a touch of horror, I was sure that Lal will bring something or the other from Hollywood horror films. I-was-right!!!

The ring *check* :a drenched ghost comes out of a well, the lid opens by itself.

Exorcist *check* :the final exorcism scene.

Omen *check* :Father Dominic, covered the walls of his room with pages from the Bible.

Haunted mansion *check* :living in a haunted mansion

Exorcism of Emily Rose *check* :Exorcism scene.

Lal made   sambar out of these pieces that would have been an avial, much of it due to his ability to create entertainment out of twigs and broomstick. It was nice to see the four friends hangout with their respective wives instead being Lotharios. That makes the song “ola ola” useless, seemingly it was made for the sake of having Lakshmi Rai in the film. The songs were horrendous and it is high time Malayalam films stop adding songs for the sake of it. Movies will work even otherwise.

In Ghosthouse Inn need not be perfect movie watching experience but it is worth a peek if you want to see the four friends in a different environment and to have good laughs.


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