In 2013, Ellen Degeneres announced at her daytime talk show that the Pixar studios are going ahead with the finding Nemo’s sequel titled “finding Dory” and I was one of the super excited audience members. Finding Nemo is the cult classic that’s special for everyone who, in a way, loves the ocean and marine life. Plus, the movie played a major leverage in Ellen’s career along with the overall positive impact the film made; like the quote “just keep swimming“. Today, I feel as if 3 years went by like a lightning and I am holding the blu-ray of Finding Dory. Time flies by, just like Dory’s swimming speed. The sequel is just as suspenseful and emotional. The movie begins during Dory’s early days where she cute and chubby. Fate separates her from her parents and she is on her own until she comes across Marlin. After the events as shown in finding Nemo, Dory remembers her parents one day and sets off to look for them with the help of Nemo and Marlin. What follows is a hilarious yet touching journey of a fish who keeps on forgetting.

The movie is better in terms of suspense, introduction of new events, characters and final resolution although it lacked the emotional depth finding Nemo did. Dory is still as adorable, most of it owing to Ellen’s vocal range. We get to know Dory better and this movie is all about her. Fans wanted a solo Dory film and it finally happened (after 13 years). Pixar, if you are planning the next sequel, don’t wait this long. Nemo and Marlin have less to do but I loved how they express their love and care for Dory, the scene where Nemo becomes silent when Dory talks about her reunion with her parents works in terms transcendence of emotions. I loved the character Hank, an octopus who lost his tentacle. Hanks helps Dory during her ordeal and didn’t think twice before rescuing her in spite of all the frustrations and outbursts he expressed. One of the best moments is the part where it rescues Dory in the Quarantine, as it is also a sad moment for Dory. Andrew Stanton’s imagination created a perfect joy ride for the audience members who enjoys this genre. Destiny and Bailey added their respective galleons with comic timings and adorable gestures.



That’s the best part about animation films, you get to experience the life of a non-human character through them. The avatar parody is hilarious and Stanton kept up with the overall flow of the story with his poignant imagination.

When you watch finding Nemo and finding Dory back to back, the technical advancements are understood better. The water, the leaves, and fish looks almost real and the 3D makes it a better experience. In spite of having a powerful resolution, the movie lacked the punch finding Nemo had, mainly it is because we might end up comparing them both. Finding Dory excelled as a sequel apart from the predicted cliches it drew from its predecessor like Marlin’s and Nemo’s opinion differences where Marlin is eventually proved wrong. You will love this film and won’t feel the time passage. So, go ahead and grab a copy.


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