Finding Nemo is one of the most popular animated films owing to the powerful message it gives out on saving marine life, teamwork, determination, not giving up during a crisis, family and friendship. The film was released at a time when I was not that into animation. Years later, after becoming a fan of Ellen DeGeneres, her presence drew me to the film. The result is astounding, I just explored the Australian great barrier reef, the commensal life of clownfish and anemones, different species of aquatic creatures (notably deep-sea Angler) and the connection between Pacific regal blue tang and clownfish. The baseline is an emotional story of a father-son relationship.

Nemo is the only surviving child of Marlin and Coral, as the remaining eggs and Coral, who tried to save the eggs, were killed by a killer Barracuda. Marlin is an overprotective father as Nemo also suffers from a small fin which makes him a weak swimmer. One day, Nemo is taken by deep divers who were collecting fish and Marlin sets out to look for him. He comes across a jolly fish named Dory who suffers from short-term memory loss. Together they go on for a quest while Nemo befriends other fish in the aquarium he is held in.

I laughed and cried while watching this movie. As a nature lover, I was overwhelmed to see the beauty of Australian great barrier reef and it breaks one’s heart knowing that it is being depleted around the world. The CGI and VFX team brought marine life on-screen and it is marvelous experience in 3D. Nemo and Marlin share a very quirky yet adorable relationship. Marlin evolves from an overprotective skittish father to responsible and confident. Albert Brooks’s emotional transcendence worked well for Marlin’s characterisation. His one-liners make you laugh and his love for Nemo makes you feel sorry for him.His change in perspective makes the climax scene iconic along with Dory’s adorable gullibility. Dory stole the show. Dory got my attention due to Ellen DeGeneres’s voice. She did a fantastic job so when we listen to Ellen with our eyes closed, we hear Dory. Dory is the best Pixar creation so far. She is funny and makes you think more about life by becoming an unintentional philosopher.



I secretly wished that they will make a solo Dory film, lo and behold, it happened. The music soothes you and the lullaby is perfect as the theme music. We are introduced to various characters who helped them in their quest; from Crush the turtle to the whale to whom Dory communicated in the iconic scene. Many moments worth remembering are presented to us in this gem. Whenever I think of “the best-animated film in Hollywood” Finding Nemo comes to my mind. It has a lot to do with the moral values the movies gives at the end, in a way, you will also feel guilty for catching and eating fish as most of them were taken away from their families. Watching this movie was indeed refreshing and is worth viewing over and over.

Just keep swimming. 🙂


Featured image: hdwallpaper

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