Anuraga karikkin vellam is a surprisingly good film. I was traveling from Palakkad to Kochi when this movie was played in the Volvo bus I was in. Before this, “2 countries” was played and I wanted to jump out of the moving bus because it was such a horrible experience. After the disastrous 2 hours with mediocre acting from Dileep and Mamta, Anuraga karikkin vellam was such a big relief and a surprise. Basically, it was like having a cool cup of fresh lime after an excruciating headache.

The movie revolves around a family of four. A short-tempered police officer Raghu (Biju Menon), his thankless son Abhi (Asif Ali), a hardworking and underappreciated wife Suma (Asha Sharath) and a daughter Anu (Aleena), who finds solace in giving away her brother’s deeds and Bollywood item songs. Abhi is dating a beautiful and bubbly girl named Elizabeth (Rajisha) who keeps on bickering him with her phone calls. He gets agitated and following his friend’s instructions, he breaks up with her. Raghu, on the other hand, comes across a woman (Nandini) whom he recognized as his former lover. He tries to contact her but fate brings him before Elizabeth who uses him to “teach” Abhi a lesson for dumping her.

I enjoyed this movie. It has a perfect blend of comedy, everyday family drama, and natural performances. Biju Menon is an underused actor who deserves more representation in Malayalam other than his typical “drunkard” or “bully” roles. I enjoyed watching him, especially his dry humorous moments and those scenes he tried to show off yet frustration overcomes him. He has tangible chemistry with Asha Sharath who played the noblest character in this movie. Watching Asha Sharath’s character reminded me of the hellish and boring life every housewife is leading, where they have to follow every single instruction of her husband and counter her children’s rants and complaints. And, she is not given a penny for all the work she does. But, money is nothing for Suma who finally received kindness and compassion from her husband, who simply followed his supposed lover’s advice. The movie showcased the life of an everyday family beautifully. I didn’t realize how fast the time went. Asif Ali has improved a lot since his debut in “Rithu”. I loved the way he enacted his harsh and selfish behavior with his tones and steadfastness. Yet, he is soft at heart. The look he gives when Biju Menon sings “Alliyambal” in a hideous manner is on point. The person I liked the most in the movie is Rajisha Vijayan. She is excellent with all her bickering and fast paced dialogue delivery. The scenes where she breaks down after Abhi broke up with her are hilarious and she nailed the scene where she showed Abhi where he went wrong in life. She is a wonderful character creation and Rajisha have a very bright future ahead. She should choose subjective figure roles.

The only aspect where the movie went wrong is the ending. The climax however was handled very intelligently as it can be assumed as Sony’s (Naji) imagination as he feared losing Elizabeth more than anything else. But, I just wished that ending was polished better into a family moment than a love story. The cinematography captured the visuals of Kochi life and family time. The music is perfect as simply blended in the scenes instead of taking over completely. Technically the film marvelled with simplicity and elegance.

Anuraga karikkin vellam is a very enjoyable film, something that you could watch with a cup of coffee and “parippu vada” in your hands.


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