She is my most favorite English pop singer. I have been following her since her debut album “Taylor Swift”. Every song is a piece of art and a major facet of Taylor’s success is that she is herself in all of her songs without any objectification. I could listen to any of her songs countlessly. Here are the memorable 16 Taylor Swift songs. It is very difficult to choose from the best, these songs have a significant effect 🙂




Mere words can’t describe how much I love this song. I listen to it whenever I am in a bad mood or when I am doing my work. The music, lyrics, and instrumentations were perfect decorations for Taylor’s soothing voice.


Bad Blood



I feel like walking in slow motion. Loosely based on her feud with pop star Katy Perry (whom I also love BTW :P) Taylor brings an entirely new formula to this piece. The notable moment is Selena Gomez’s introduction at the beginning.





Taylor’s Grammy win is justified. The music is like feeling the electric euphoria backed by Taylor’s passionate singing.

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