When I was 15 years old, I remember watching the film Devil Wears Prada. I admired the lead actress who has a magnificent smile and versatility. Anne Hathaway is the most gifted actress of her generation, who could simply dissolve into any role, from stage to on-screen.

Here are her top 10 performances <3 <3

Les Miserables



I cried like a baby after watching the ending of the film. Anne plays Fantine, a woman who exploited by the draconian patriarchy in France where poor women suffer the most but she didn’t give up for her daughter. Fantine represents many women who had to struggle for their families. She died in the arms of Jean Val Jean after he guaranteed the safety of her daughter Cosette. The scene where Anne sings “I dreamed a dream” was taken in a single take and she received a well-deserved Oscar for her role.

Rachel Getting Married



Anne plays Kym Buchman, a recovering drug addict who comes out of the rehab for her sister’s wedding. Anne received her first Oscar nomination for her role.

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