During the historic 2016 Academy awards, I shouted and danced with joy. 🙂 Because Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the award for best actor in a leading role!!! I celebrated his victory with pizzas and by distributing ladoos in my family. <3 <3

It was a well-deserved win!

He is the most talented actor of his generation and went on to deliver back to back successes and films with the highest rating in IMDB. 5 out of my top 15 favorite films of all time have Leo in it 😛

Here are the ten must watch films of the versatile actor.

Shutter Island



Shutter island is my most favorite film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. He plays two different personalities that are well visible in the little gestures he made. The climax of the film is so haunting that you will not take bipolar disorder lightly in the future.

Blood Diamond



One does not simply speak in that accent unless you are fully dedicated. My most favorite scene is the one where realizes that he should live and die in his homeland and sacrifices himself so that Solomon Vandy could take his son home to his mom.

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