Badshah of Bollywood!

He is my first favorite actor from all languages. Since the time I could remember, I have been an ardent fan of Shah Rukh Khan. I became a fan after seeing this ad which, unintentionally, is his best performance.

Celebrating his birthday, here are my favorite performances by SRK.

Kal ho na ho



After the Pepsi, the movie which impressed me is kal ho na ho. No other film had me cry like KHNH did. SRK is lively as Aman Mathur who created magic which his charms. And his signature pose with the arms out. Notable performance is the scene where he expressed his love for Naina by pretending to read Rohit’s diary.

Chak de India



He needs more roles like which exhibits his talents more than his appeal. Kabir Khan is one of my favorite characters in Bollywood and SRK nailed it.




I swear this is me if I ever leave India. SRK expressed it perfectly in this movie.

My name is Khan



An ordinary guy with an illness brings about a revolution in the USA. For the innocent people who were subjected to harassment because of the crime committed by a handful of terrorists. Rizwan Khan wants to prove to his wife that he is not a terrorist but he proves it to an entire nation.

Veer Zaara



One of the best films of SRK’s career. He showed a 30-year-old and 50-year-old perfectly.

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  1. SRK is my first love..and has been since childhood.He has a hit a rough patch lately but will surely bounce back with Raees.
    Great article on SRK!!! Well done.

    btw I have my blog on movie reviews as well.Please drop by and feedback is appreciated.

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