She’s an icon for many across India. Her passion for singing took her to great heights including a world record, accolades, and admiration. People identify with her in many ways due to her intense range in vocal performance. I’ve been an ardent fan of Lataji since I’ve listened to her song “O basanti”. I was 5 years old then. I have been listening to all of her famous songs. Her best solos were released back in ’70s and ’80s. Celebrating nightingale of India’s birthday, here are my all time favorite songs sung by Lataji.

1. Satyam Shivam Sundaram

A voice of the divine. Lataji’s voice will make one bow with respect.


2. Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon

Prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru was moved to tears listening to this song. Perfect blend of passion and patriotism.


3. Aaja re pardesi

Her voice is fruit syrup in this profound song.


4. Aaj phir jeene ki Tamannah hai

Your mood will like that off Waheeda Rahman’s while listening to the song.


5. Rangeela re

Awesome song. However, the visuals are abhorrent. Why Waheedaji??


6. Teri aakhon

Mere words can’t describe how much I love this song <3


7. Tu jahan jahan chalega

The song is sung by a shadow but we will feel her presence.


8. Tere bina zindagi

Listening to Lataji’s voice will move you to tears. A haunting melody.


9. Chalte Chalte

This song kept repeating in m head long after listening to it.


10. O Basanti

This song made me a fan of Lataji.


11. Mein tulsi tere aangan ki

There were forums which talked about how people were able to relate to this song, after going through a rough breakup.


12. Na jaane kyun

A song with Indian and western touch. City of Bombay in a nutshell.


13. Jo humne daastan

A story within the scenario. Diamond it is… 😀


14. Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein

A haunting melody, remembered over generations.


15. Khilte hain ghul yahan

A song, imprinted by Lataji.


16. Jiya lage na

Lataji’s solo from the movie “Änand”. Timeless classic.


17. Pyar kiya toh

A woman’s solo act fighting for love. An inspiration… Timesless classic…


18. Jhoot bole kauva kaatein

One of my most favorite songs from its genre.


19. Ae dil hain naadaan

Perfect tribute for Razia Sultan. First female Sultan.


20. Nadiyan kinare

The song which drew Subir to Uma. How can it not? 😛 Amazing song.


Honorable mentions

Vande mataram… 

A patriotic song that gives you goosebumps.


Happy Birthday Living Legend Lata Mangeshkar <3 😀

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