When I was 13 years old, I remember watching the film Da Vinci code. The film was great but what intrigued me were the haunting melodies. Later, I listened to several soundtracks including Pirates of the Caribbean, the rock, pearl harbor, broken arrow and… interstellar. Hans Zimmer is a German music director known for his spectacular work in Hollywood. An amazing visionary who adds his diamond as the decoration for the film. Even if you didn’t like the content, Zimmer’s music will certainly lure you in. Here are top 12 best music by the maestro.

Interstellar (2014)



Have you ever traveled through space? You certainly could do it in your imagination while listening to the music of interstellar. The piano tracks are amazing. My personal favorites include “stay“, “mountains” and “no time for caution“.

Inception (2010)



The music has modern touch as well the essence that makes feel like you are in a dream. Favorite tracks include “dream is collapsing“, “Mombasa“, “528491“, and “one simple idea”.

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