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Mockingjay part 2 is my least favorite book from the series as it didn’t satisfy the expectations I had. The idea about the districts rebelling against the Capitol was very impressive but the book showed too many deaths and Katniss herself was shown in a bad light. But, the film is, surprisingly, very impressive.

Peeta Mellark is kept restrained while his brain’s hijack is being reversed. Katniss is slowly recovering from Peeta’s assault which almost choked her to death. After seeing his brainwashed state, an infuriated Katniss agrees to do whatever is needed by the rebels. She succeeds in unifying all the districts even the ones who are loyal to President Snow. Katniss sets off for a mission, that is, to assassinate President Snow in order to end the tyranny and oppression from the Capitol.

Unlike the previous film, in spite of all the lagging which highlights the unnecessary division process, Mockingjay part 2 is much better than expected. The second half shows action and suspense that keeps one at the edge of their seats and the resolution is beautifully shot. The character developments are great especially that of Peeta’s. We see him regret his actions and eventually, he bonds well with Katniss. However, I was taken aback for a second when Katniss draws out her arrow when she saw Peeta coming towards her. Earlier, she pleaded and demanded his rescue from the Capitol, after seeing how he was brainwashed, her empathy is seemingly diminished but, would she have fired at him? If it was Gale in her place then it is understood as he was a bit jealous of Peeta’s affection towards Katniss. This is the one series triangle love story that I didn’t give a damn about. Many argued that Gale is better with personality and looks, but Peeta cared more for her.

They have handled the parts with Philip Seymore Hoffman in it with grace as the actor died during the film’s shoot. It is good to see that the odds were in Plutarch Heavensbee’s favour.

Some of the hiding scenes were unnecessarily long and it would have been painfully dull if it wasn’t for Jennifer Lawrence’s lively portrayal. Every time President Snow’s speech came up, I thought to myself “oh no”. Jennifer Lawrence made the series everything it is. Her controlled acting along with natural gestures have earned her the top spot. Katniss Everdeen is someone with depth along with her status as a proto-feminist. Josh Hutcherson was very impressive in his emotional outburst scenes though some of them made him look pathetic than a sorry figure. The movies were divided into two and I just wished that they gave some time and importance for Peeta and Gale’s individual developments. Finnick, in that sense, was better than either of them. It was predictable that Julianne Moore played the ultimate villain due to her gestures and expression which made it too obvious though we have grown to hate Donald Sutherland’s version as the oppressor. The look he gave Katniss at the end when she aimed her arrow at him was tremendous. He had the confidence in spite of standing face to face with death.

While I was reading the book, I was shocked to the core when (not revealing who) one of the characters, close to Katniss, died. It was so shocking and heartbreaking, one of the reasons why I despised the book. What’s even worse was that this character died due to a bomb designed by Gale. In the film, the intensity of that character’s death was literally negligible and who will go “oh yeah, that just happened”. The scripting in that sense was poor. One of my favourite moments from the movie is the “voting” scene, where the surviving victors are asked to vote a proposal put forward by President Coin. Katniss has an intention and she eyes Haymitch emphasising the same. Haymitch understands what it was and supports her. The picture says a thousand words.

The action scenes were shot well with apt cinematography and the editing conveyed the emotions experienced by the characters. The visual effects have improved notably the “black tar” sequence with surround effects. James Newton Howard’s score is something worth looking forward to but then, the tradition of using noisy music during the action sequences should be discontinued.



Mockingjay part 2 is an artistic well-executed action thriller which had too much dragging but the acting is worth it.

Hunger games have ended and the odds were in our favour.


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