The one film every critic hated but I liked. 😛

I was very happy after knowing that Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is on board as Jack Sparrow’s long lost lover Angelica. She is a fantastic actress and after watching Blow, where they exhibited awesome chemistry, watching them together again is indeed thrilling.



The film also introduces the antagonist Black beard, a complicated yet selfish villain. He wants to live a long life and at the same time, he is looking for redemption due to his daughter’s influence as a missionary. He loves his daughter but loves himself more. Basically, he is a narcissistic treacherous pirate who is Voldemort against Barbossa’s Harry Potter.


There are prophecy and stuff in this movie. So, Harry Potter, it is…



Pirates of the Caribbean on stranger tides is an invigorating entertainer but more you watch it, more flaws you’ll end up discovering, a reverse version of a typical Chris Nolan film. The movie lacks the foundations and essence that was seen in POTC Curse of the Black Pearl. There is dragging in between, stretching of sequences that might exhaust your patience (like the scene where Blackbeard coerces Jack to jump by holding Angelica at gunpoint), graphic death scenes, semi-nudity (seemingly intended for male gaze), and the addition of a plot that literally makes you forget how the whole film started.

The writers stuck with the tradition of giving Jack Sparrow non-sensical yet impressive introduction, beyond the ‘sinking’ ship.  Jack disguises himself as a judge, all as a part of his plan to rescue his first mate Joshamee Gibbs (Kevin R McNally). His capture and escape. Plus his meeting with ‘privateer’ Barbossa.

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That scene will make jaws drops because of a) Barbossa is a privateer and b) we see Jack Sparrow’s full blown temper for the first time.

Jack’s escape will make you relax and sit back to witness the Jack we know. (y)

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Then, he meets his female counterpart Angelica and the plot continues from there.

There were many articles related to Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley’s refusal to come back, which being the major reason behind the shift in the plot points. Personally, I’d prefer if they stuck with this plot and brought Angelica back in the 5th film, otherwise, in blunt words, it made no sense. Pirates of the Caribbean Salazar’s revenge starts where POTC at world’s end left off and easily could have been the 4th story. On stranger tides, as much as I enjoyed watching this film felt more like the extra cotton inside the pillow to make it more uncomfortable, especially since Angelica and her further involvement is left off. If Disney films is planning for a 6th POTC film then I humbly request them to include Angelica and make it as soon as they as opposed to waiting for over 5 years. Depp’s career is hanging along with his bankruptcy and personal life.

Technically the film delivered the best result, from art direction, costumes, makeup, visual effects, sound effects, and cinematography. The mermaid scenes have one of the sound effects from the film, and the cinematography captures the visuals taking place at night along with mermaid’s beauty. The sound effects heard when Jack destroys the lighthouse is done at par with expectations. And….



The dialogues have the delivered the charms. And when I saw this film for the first time, I didn’t get this joke told by Jack when he supported Philip (Sam Claflin) who demanded that Serena (Astrid Berges) who is locked up in the glass coffin, be given some air to breathe. 😛

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Johnny Depp has shined the best in the film, with Geoffrey Rush. Johnny Depp did what he did best, made little improvisations and made simple moments and lines look cool with his wits. The scene where he climbs the coconut tree, as ridiculous as it is, looks cool as we know that he is able to do it because he is “Captain Jack Sparrow”. The scenes with Jack and Barbossa, like when they bond while held prisoners are shot well. For once we will feel sorry for Barbossa as he narrates how he lost the Pearl. Penelope Cruz’s status as an Oscar-nominated actress is well visible. At times, she outshined everyone on-screen. Angelica is an interesting character. As much as you might hate the film after a third or fourth view, Angelica’s kindness and sensitivity adds is uplifting. She is “corrupted” by Jack Sparrow in the past and a film covering that will be interesting to witness. The chemistry between Sam Claflin and Astrid Berges is electrifying. But the sequences change the tone of the film altogether unless Jack Sparrow theme sprouts up. The scene where she rescues Philip from the lighthouse’s demolished remains is handled well, as it seems as if she was attacking him. The way they bonded over the film is a plus point though her torture scenes add to the dark part along with Angelica’s lack of involvement.

On stranger tides is a fun view. If you expect for any more resolutions then wait till 6th film. If you are disappointed with POTC sequels like you are with this film then you might not enjoy POTC Salazar’s revenge.


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