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The ending of the dead man’s chest will make everyone wait for At world’s end.

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We witness the mass execution of men and women who are accused as pirates under Lord Beckett’s (Tom Hollander) orders. Amidst the solemn people waiting to face their ultimate fates, we see a young boy with a noose around his neck and he sings the song which echoes across the sea. It is time for the Brethren Court to meet and fight back. The pirate lords are supposed to meet and discuss whether they should plead before the sea goddess Calypso, who was betrayed by Davy Jones into being locked in a “ human” prison. Plus, Will (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth (Keira Knightley), joins forces with their once adversary Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), to rescue Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) from at world’s end, who is surrounded by weird yet cute looking crabs.



Pirates of the Caribbean at world’s end is considered as the most expensive film of all time with a budget of 300 million dollars. With the super star, Johnny Depp and visual effects supervisor John Knoll on board, the films provided the popular cast backed by a visual treat. In terms of the visual effects, the film outdid all five POTC films and the final whirlpool scene where Flying Dutchman and Black Pearl shoot cannons at one another are more than enough to prove it. The stunt choreography and sword fighting, despite the possibility those questions related to the physics of it all, are on point. The technically team have upgraded better to deliver the visual effects treat. Above all, we have one and only Hans Zimmer who composed haunting melodies that will find a place in your hearts and memories. Even if you didn’t like the film, you will love the music. My favorite tracks are “one day”, “up is down” and “drink up me hearties”.



What the lack film lacked is foundations and the humour its preceding two films gave. The tone and environment of the film change completely and story context has jerked a lot. In dead man’s chest, we see Will, Elizabeth and others mourning Jack’s death. They regroup and decide to go at world’s end to save him.


They honor him, respect him for the way he sacrificed his life (Elizabeth lied about it) and want to bring him back. Here, we see Will wanting to go only for getting the black pearl and Elizabeth is visibly over what she felt for Jack although she almost ran towards him when she sees him alive. Even Jack is seemingly over her.



But, in many ways, I am glad that the filmmakers decided not to focus anymore on the love triangle aspect because Jack and Elizabeth lack the chemistry they had in dead man’s chest.

Johnny Depp is at his witty best and the moment when he chops the Key along with Jones’s tentacles is impressive. Jack saves Will and Elizabeth several times but then Will return the favor with “don’t go near him” (in the fifth film) which raises the question “Jack saved you, why would you say that?”. Elizabeth says a thank you, though I expected a confrontational scene between Jack and Elizabeth. The film also killed off several characters to have the balance ‘cause so many things were happening at once in this movie. The introduction of Sao Feng, Will’s plan, Elizabeth became the captain of Feng’s ship, Jack’s plan, Brethren Court, Davy Jones and Calypso’s love affair, and the final battle.



Basically, the film is such a stack and could have been divided into two. The jerk from the original pace wand tone is what made the critics go cold over the films. Plus, Orlando Bloom struggles to act in most scenes and some of his expressions are laughable, like in the scene where he asks “is that it?” after Calypso’s rebirth. Keira Knightley is only struggling to act tough and she overacted her heart out in emotional scenes.

Every flaw is definitely made up by the whirlpool sequences and Hans Zimmer’s music. You will feel like the watching the film just for the sake of listening to the perfect music. Pirates of the Caribbean at wold’s end sticks to the tradition of entertaining the audience with majestic effects and memorable characters.


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