The original swash bucking tale. 😛

I was 14 years old when I watched this film for the first time. I put the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD and watched it with the intention of checking how good the quality is, and to check if there is any problem with the disk.

I ended up watching the whole film 😛 and waited for the sequels as well.

Pirates of the Caribbean introduced me into a whole new world of crazy characters, funny one-liners, visual effects, majestic settings and the orchestral theme that gives you Goosebumps. It is a profound yet fun-filled entertainer that is worth watching again and again. And

why is the rum gone?






Captain Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) of the cursed ship the Black Pearl storms the land and kidnaps Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightley) over a misunderstood information. What he wasn’t prepared for is the entry of rogue and charming Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), who is looking for revenge as he was betrayed by Barbossa, before the whole crew was cursed due to the Aztec gold they stole from Isla de Muerta. Elizabeth’s childhood friend and blacksmith Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) teams with Jack to rescue Elizabeth.

Now, the theme involves the kidnap of Elizabeth Swan and I thought to myself, this is just another typical tale about a woman’s kidnap and the man’s heroic rescue. The plotline leading to her kidnap is cleverly done and it is chilling when you reanalyse the whole situation. She gave a fake name thinking that she will be left out of it but then it backfires, thanks to her maid’s ‘over’ thinking as Elizabeth is the Governor’s daughter. You won’t see such a twist coming in the plotline. Plus, Elizabeth is no damsel in distress. She is brave intelligent, and won’t think twice before going out to rescue her childhood crush Will. She convinced the pirates to help her nail down the captured black pearl and busted two men who tried to kill Will by reminding them of the pain inflicted by the corset. We get to see a glimpse into lives and lifestyle of women and men in 17th century England, with women forced to wear corsets which choke them to death and men’s high collar, boots and wig, leading to a hilarious scene where Governor Weatherby Swann (Jonathan Pryce) is frightened for his life but he tries to fight back angrily when a ghost pirate grabs his wig. The elegance and steadfastness of Elizabeth as a character, however, are only seen in this film as the sequels make her more complicated. Orlando Bloom tried to act and make his way with stern facial expressions. He is clearly struggling with deeper emotions and dialogue delivery. At times it is difficult to make out what he is thinking and how he is feeling. Perhaps, the casting department wanted a rigid face in the role of Will Turner or his sex appeal and Lord of the Rings fame might contribute in the marketing department. Otherwise, he looks less impressive in a cast that involves, Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Kevin R McNally, Jonathan Pryce and even Keira Knightley who has a made a lively presence throughout. That being said, Orlando’s flexibility and boyish good looks created a good image for Will Turner.

The two people who stole the show are Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush. 


The studio did a fantastic job in terms of letting Johnny improvise and recreate a persona through Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny rocked throughout the film with his sense of humor, cheeky one-liners, slick cleverness and smile which convinces you of his status as a pirate. He makes you laugh, draws in respect with his charisma and fairly reminds of his ‘ good’ heart. After all, he didn’t hesitate before jumping into the water to rescue Elizabeth, who was drowning. He made little moments look cool. When Jack tell Barbossa that he forgot something very important before marooning Jack on an Island, “I am Captain Jack Sparrow”. Plus, this ridiculously awesome moment.



The film is completely Depp’s signature of a whole new version of a leading hero. Johnny received a well deserved Oscar nomination and fame but his film choices in the years to come deserves scrutiny and raise of glass champagne. Jack Sparrow’s appearance and makeup deserve equal credit in terms of his charming nature.

Geoffrey Rush’s dialogue delivery and facial performance created a scary yet respectful image of Hector Barbossa. He gives you chills and in a way, immortalized the line “you better start believing in ghost tales Miss Swann because you are in one”. He convinces you when he narrates his tale of greed while saying “food turn to ash in our mouths”.

The biggest asset of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is definitely the visual effects; from surround sounds, special effects and cinematography. The practical effects involving the ships were on point. The editing while presenting the pirates when they walk understand deserve an A+ stamp. Plus, we have Hans Zimmer’s POTC theme. The curse of the black pearl gets better and better with each view and the film itself deserves all the accolades it received. Pirates look cool, the dialogues are stupendous, reintroduction to 17th century. majestic art direction, settings and Verbinski’s vision which presents plots with apt pacing.


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