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Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 begins where the previous film left off. Harry gives Dobby a proper burial as he gave his life to saves theirs. After putting together the clues, he manages to figure out what the next Horcrux is and its location. With the help of Griphook, the trio enters the Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault in order to steal the next Horcrux which is a cup. After which, they set off to Hogwarts as the next Horcrux is there. Amidst all this, Voldemort figures out their plans due to his connection with Harry.



Kudos to David Yates!

Finally, he delivered what I was expecting. The final film is the best film from the series and the ending couldn’t be more effective. The movie is shot in an artistic manner with each shot having its own significance in terms of symbolism and mood enhancing. Unlike part1 which had some sluggishness, HP and the deathly hallows part 2 is an edge of the seat film, during the process of watching, you will hardly feel like getting up. The perfect blend of dry humour, love & friendship factor, and spectacular performances, backed by an adroit technical work makes it a memorable ride. And, we could not help but feel the massive change since the first film. Compare the Gringotts scenes from philosopher’s stone and deathly hallows part 2 to understand it better. The light and joyful tone in the first film as opposed to the dark and intense essence here. When it comes to the book vs film comparison, thankfully due to the division process, the film is very loyal to the source material. Overall, the book is better than the film when it comes to the story, resolution, and presentation of plot points. For the sake of keeping up with the action and to keep in touch with modern style filmmaking, few changes had to be brought to the film and these changes need not really be tremendous enough to anger the fans unlike what was shown in the goblet of fire, order of the phoenix and half blood prince.

The performances were spectacular. Daniel Radcliffe is stupendous in this movie and stood out completely along with his co-stars who usually presented their characters better than him. He has become more matured and transcended emotions with ease. The scene where he sits immobile struck with fear and grief after seeing Snape’s last memories is adept. Harry has many great moments, notably his reaction when each Horcrux is destroyed and during the final conflict. It breaks my heart to witness the way Ron was depicted in HP and the cursed child, after watching this movie.


He is the bold, brave and loyal friend who stood along with Harry against all odds. The scenes where he motivated Harry and the final fight was amazing to witness. Emma Watson is the icon.



Ron is totally right, they wouldn’t last a day without Hermione Granger and her involvement is the proof. Along with the trio, several cast members added their galleons. Evanna Lynch’s grace and weirdness were perfect fillers but we see a different side of hers when she shouts at Harry for not listening to her.


Harry’s wonderstruck reaction is the same as ours. Mathew Lewis’s integrity and bravery will make one say “that’s Neville Longbottom, show some respect“. Bonnie Hunt couldn’t make Ginny the way she was in the books. I felt that she lacked range in terms of facial expressions and looked dim during the crisis. The adult actors are the ones who’s been the adroit backbones. Ralph Fiennes made Voldemort scary and loathsome but the moaning sounds he made in between shots are laughable. Was it necessary? Helena Bonham Carter continues to be the crazy Bellatrix. Julie Walters has her moment while confronting Bellatrix.



I loved the moment when Shacklebolt sees a large cluster of counter spells falling on top of the protective shield they have conjured and he asks Dean to get more wizards on their side. Courtyard Apocalypse shows Wood gathering his Quidditch players to fight the death eaters and we watch the quidditch field burnt to the ground. Those shots are more than enough for us to understand their inner conflicts. And… when Fred and George realised that they might not be together.



The movie is the perfect depiction of team spirit, friendship, good vs evil fight and the final resolution. Alexandre Desplat’s music is amazing. I cry whenever I listen to “courtyard apocalypse“, “Lily’s theme“, “Greylady” and “epilogue“. Desplat has been creating magic on-screen for years and Harry Potter and the deathly hallows is probably a big galleon amongst them. The sound effect and visual effects created magic on-screen and we witness the battle we envisioned while reading the book.



The Bellatrix’s vault scene where every object multiplies when touched has amazing sound effects and visuals were even better. The room of requirement scene where Goyle conjured the “fiendfyre” induces goosebumps.

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows is an enthralling experience and a visual wonder, totally worth one’s time.

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