Harry Potter and the deathly hallows is my favorite book from the HP series. When it was announced that the movie is going to be divided into 2 parts, I thought, “good, then they could ensure that all the necessary portions are there with adept pacing“. Above all, I expected the director to redeem himself after giving two unpleasant adaptations, Order of the phoenix and half blood prince. The division of the last Harry Potter film inspired more producers to do the same with their young adult franchises; notably hunger games, divergent and twilight saga.



Harry and his friends, Ron and Hermione are not going back to Hogwarts. They are going to hunt down Voldemort’s Horcruxes and destroy them in order to defeat the dark lord. They are helped by the minister of magic Scrimgeour who gives Albus Dumbledore’s last will. After Ron’s brother’s wedding was interrupted with the news which revealed the minister’s death, Harry, Ron, and Hermione make their move. Their journey takes them to Grimmauld house, the ministry of magic, forest, Godric Hollow and Malfoy Manor.



The movie watching experience was so much better than I thought because I did not really anticipate a good adaptation. Since the story was divided into, almost all the necessary aspects were included in it. Watching this movie was just like reading the book. But, there are faults in terms of plot lines; I was not particularly happy with the way the Dursleys were left out of the story. The abusive and daunting life Harry suffered under them was well established and it required a proper resolution. In the book, we witness Harry and Dudley patch up with a shakehand. That scene was shot but then it was deleted eventually. There was another beautiful scene, that was deleted, where Petunia indirectly mourns Lily’s death by saying that “you didn’t just lose a mother, I also lost a sister“. Family ties are just as important Hollywood! There are many moments worth mentioning; the scene where Harry solves the snitch problem and this moment between Harry and Hermione.



Daniel Radcliffe improved a lot as an actor and we see him act with his eyes and facial expressions. We see him keep a tough face during the crisis and we know that after all he’s been through, there is no turning back for Harry. I loved his performance in the scene where he visits his parents grave. His controlled acting followed by the soothing music and Hermione’s gestures made the scene powerful and in a way, better than how it was depicted in the book. Rupert Grint continues to be the best actor amongst his generation and he was believable during his verbal fight with Harry. Emma Watson is still the brilliant and brave girl who never left Harry’s side if it meant to push her love away because she knows that Harry needs her more. Her humility, humanity, and integrity make her the best character. I still get goosebumps while watching the scene where Bellatrix tortures Hermione, but Ron’s reaction looked mediocre when compared to the book where he panicked and Harry had to calm him down. In the film, Harry cared for her more. Tom Felton stuck to his good boy figure and we get to see him support Harry during the face of danger, though, he didn’t realize that he was doing it. It was nice to see Dobby after a while but unless you have read the book, you will hardly feel anything for him as Dobby did not have the proper character establishment when compared to the books.



The dark tone, silence during suspense scenes and the effects were all good. The major problem with this film is that the pacing reduces dramatically once they leave the ministry of magic, after that, we witness dragging and sentiments. The animation which showed the tale of the three brothers was pretty fascinating and it had the feel of the books. There were some criticisms in terms of the effects and cinematography during the final chase. The scene was a bit overdone but it was done for the sake of the action otherwise, the pacing is completely low overall.

The first thing one feels after watching this movie is, “I want to watch the next part“. Therefore, I did a clever move by not watching this movie in the theaters. I waited till the release of deathly hallows part 2 so that I can watch both these films back to back 😛


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