The maestro of the new generation film-making celebrates his birthday today. Every movie of his has entered IMDB top 250 films list and his film-making style is well studied by the audience. I became an ardent fan of Christopher Nolan ever since I watched batman begins (2005) and analysed each of his work. What’s even special is his character creations from ordinary people to extraordinary/nerve racking personas. Though characters in batman trilogy are created by Bob Kane, Chris Nolan has added his cents to make them even more memorable. Celebrating his birthday, here are my favorite and memorable character creations of Christopher Nolan.


1. Joker; played by Heath Ledger, Dark Knight (2008)

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No doubt that this maniac is the finest creation of Nolan’s that it has influenced the audience in many ways. This is also one of Heath Ledger’s final performances and he won a posthumous academy award for best supporting actor. He immortalized the phrase “what’s so serious?” and scared people with little gestures like his wicked high pitched laughter and clapping.


2. Dom Cobb; played by Leonardo DiCaprio, Inception (2010)



This is one of my most favorite performances by Leo where he handled the clever parts, monologues, and action with ease. His versatility and Chris Nolan’s vision created a charismatic persona out of Dom Cobb. It is not just his intelligence or quick-thinking, Dom’s humanity is what makes him likable. He is sincerely in love with his late wife Mal and feels guilty about being a catalyzing factor behind her suicide. We see the regret in his eyes. Most of all, he is a father who simply wants to be back home with his children. One of the best moments from the movie is the ending where he spins his totem but instead of waiting for it to settle, he runs towards his children after seeing their faces. It didn’t matter to him if he was in a dream or real world.

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