After watching those films of SRK where he made parodies of his previous backed by a mediocre story and over the top acting, Fan was the one film that had my expectations high as it was a theme that is different from his usual ventures. The trailer was intriguing but then, there were traces of possible exaggeration like the chase sequences. The fall of the box office collections and not-so-good reviews revealed the movie’s quality, but even then, I bought the Blu-ray. It turned out to be a huge letdown.

Gaurav Chandna (Shah Rukh Khan) is a die-hard fan of Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan) and they share, almost, the perfect resemblance, physically and vocally. He has been dreaming of meeting and greeting his hero and present him with the trophy he won by imitating him in a major festival. But, due to Gaurav’s misdeeds, while attempting to meet him, Aryan shoves him aside and this infuriates Gaurav and he vows to bring his image down. The second half sees the star chasing his biggest fan-turned-enemy. Gaurav beats up and threatens a star who hated Aryan Khanna and makes him perform an apology but this character literally disappears from the screen. He was violated and yet Aryan Khanna seemingly took the stand for him. If he truly hated Khanna and since he was beaten, the expected complaint should have been from him. Also, Gaurav travels from Delhi to Mumbai without a ticket and he threatens to commit suicide if the authorities arrested him. Well, did they let him go just like that? They came across a psychopath and he got away with it. The industry simply shoves down one unbelievable scenario after the other.  Now, many argued that the first half was good and the second half was just another version of “Dhoom”. Overall the movie is overdone mainly owing to the fact that SRK was playing himself as the superstar and we see a version that is hard to digest. SRK’s real life footages are shown to depict his lifestyle as a star including him meeting the fans outside his house on his birthday. SRK is said to be a very cordial and considerate person in general who is very down to earth. In the movie, his character Aryan Khanna is depicted as an arrogant and brutish individual who shows off his massive ego and stubborn nature. People make derogatory comments about him behind his back. And he practices a fake smile whenever he is in front of a camera or audience, in a way showing us the reality of a star. The only apt aspect is Khanna’s relationship with his wife and kids; he cares for them deeply and would do anything for their safety. When it comes to personal life there are unexplained elements; His secretary (Sayani Gupta) says “I have something to inform you” with a tensed face and he asks her “are you pregnant?”. What does that mean?

The film shows two fictional characters but that’s not what the audience see, especially when his real footages and lifestyle is shown (Mannat for eg:) is shown, but no one else would do a role of himself/herself where he/she is demoralised as a person. 😛 Gaurav is a psychopath beyond any doubts. To Shah Rukh Khan’s credit, although the film was a disappointment, he was fantastic as Gaurav. He looked different, with up to the point makeup and mannerisms. His performance during intense scenes is exemplary, notably in the jail where he cries after his thwarting meeting with Aryan Khanna. Waluscha de Sousa succeeded if she tried to imitate Gauri Khan, but she looked off at times. I was happy to see Sayani Gupta in a major film after she dazzled in Margarita with a straw but the role wasn’t enough for her. Deepika Amin and Yogendra Tiku delivered their standard acting, I liked Amin’s performance towards the climax where she apologises on behalf of her son and pleads for his leniency in addition to necessary punishment. She tries to keep a brave face and tears are seen in her eyes. What’s even worse is the unnecessary action sequences where the star chased his fan; with bike stunts that are usually performed by circus troupe members, fighting and running that can be done in real life by RAW or CIA, most of all his decision to go after the person alone. Dhoom version. Is Aryan Khanna a superstar or superhero? Khanna attempts to clear his name by tracking down his imposter but all the wreckage and problems he created while chasing Gaurav will give him another set of penalties. But, films are not expected to follow every single rule.

Now, I have to confess. I myself is a die hard fan of Shah Ruk Khan and I grew up watching great films of his; Baazigar, Kuch kuch hota hai, Darr, Kal ho na ho, Chak de India!, Paheli etc. The last great film of his I have watched is My name is Khan (2010). After that, everything else is more of a parody version of himself or his previous works, notably Chennai express, Happy new year and Dilwale. SRK has the talent and his versatility will earn him better status as a great actor but he needs to do roles that will help in reaching there. The trailer of Raess looks promising, hopefully, it won’t be a disappointment.

Fan is a film that is taken for the star. Maneesh Sharma tries to do his bucks as the first time director. The “darr”theme with a superstar stalked by his fan is a fascinating theme and with proper polishing, it could have been better, a lot better.


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