Star Trek Beyond review: The Best So Far

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In Loving memory of Leonard Nimoy…


For Anton Yelchin…

Leonard Nimoy, the one who immortalised the role Spock Prime, passed away in February 2015 and the crew of star trek was putting together the perfect tribute for the late actor; for his contribution to the series and character’s popularity. But, Anton Yelchin’s death this year was a bigger shock. Although Chekov is not a popular character, there was a lot more left for Yelchin to contribute. He was a talented actor. In spite of being a repulsive film, Yelchin’s performance made a lot of difference in Terminator Salvation (2009), making young Kyle Reese likeable. I just hoped that the movie could do justice to Chekov as it is one of the films released posthumously. They indeed did!

The movie continues where the Star Trek into the darkness ended, the enterprise crew going for the 5-year space mission. Capt James T Kirk (Chris Pine) describes the life in space with a funny yet real montage. After a brief stop at Yorktown; Spock (Zachary Quinto) reveals that he broke up with Uhura (Zoe Saldana) for unknown reasons and that Ambassador Spock Prime (Leonard Nimoy) passed away. The crew intercepts an escape pod from Nebula space and the survivor Kalara seeks help to rescue her crew. Kirk volunteers to help but the enterprise enters a trap and much bigger challenge.

Star Trek beyond is one of the most anticipated sequels, owing to the fact that the trailer was quite imposing. After watching many terrible sequels (Independence day 2 for eg:) I was hoping for a good thrill. There is suspense, ample amount of thrills and the CGI is not overdone. Some of the effect scenes are executed incredibly with adroitness and the sound effects add cherry to the cake. One of my most favorite moments from the movie is the scene where they try to distort the signal of enemy ships with the help of music; bestie boy’s sabotage will never sound the same again. However the first 45 minutes seemed a bit confound cause several things is happening at once, like revealing of the breakup, Spock Prime’s death, Kalara’s rescue, her request, Kirk’s promotion and the attack. We get the chance to breath out only after the attack sequence. Unlike the predecessors, most of the action scenes take place on land intead of space. Cinematography is done adeptly, like the suggestion shot of Kirk’s where he witnesses enterprise’s destruction through his escape pod’s glass window. We are with the characters during the action scenes and, the editing kept up the pacing. Chris Pine embodied James Kirk in the best way and we see the glimpse of his boyish nature when he concurs with Scott’s choice of music for the signal distorion. That was a fun moment and an apt expression from Pine. Spock was a bit disapointing and he hardly does anything rilliant in this movie, except for the “tracking part” even then the show is stolen by Karl Urban who is filled the screen with his dry sense of humor. We see more fun moments of Bones other than his usual bickering.



Simon Pegg is great as usual with apt comic timings and quick thinking nature. Montogomery Scott is always fun to watch and Simon Pegg’s acting is always a pleasure. And… depiction of Chekov is much better in this movie. He helps Kirk during crucial moments, a better tribute for the character. Not to mention the small situation where we see Chekov when Kirk toasts his friends. Star Trek beyond is not only a good film on its own terms, it also assuaged many faults that was pointed out in the previous films. Like the depiction of women with better skills instead limiting them to underwear scenes. Thankfully, there are no unecessary scenes of half nakes women or men and Kirk is not a lothario. We see Uhura making tactical moves and she solves a big puzzle which helps the crew save many lives. She sacrifices herself to rescue Kirk when the ship was attacked initially, and finally we get to see her in action. And Jaylah (Sofie Boutella) is introduced as a powerful alien scavenger whose methods help Kirk in his distracting game. She has depth but lacked soul. Hopefully more of her charcter development will be there in the future star trek movies. Another criticism the predecessor received in predictability and lack of originality. Pegg’s script have added the thrills and actions, based on my lack of knowledge on the original series, I can’t comment on the originalty of the plot. There are no cheesy moments and the there’s a twist to the tale, Idris Elba’s entry, which makes the suspense element even better.

Star Trek Beyond is the best movie from the reboot series so far as per the anticipation and elements of action is concerned, although structurally the film requires more polishing. It is worth your time and is worth viewing again and again. Moreover a sci-fi, the film is an entertainer for teenagers and action movie lovers.



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