Haters have been celebrating the end of a painful era with this movie. While the predecessors have shown every reason to be hated, with cast and crew who specialized in bad filmmaking, twilight saga: breaking dawn part 2 ended with a bang. The reson why I gave this film 3/5 is because after watching three lame films back to back, BD part 2 introduced a more satisfactory essence, fast pacing, and better scenarios.

Bella (Kristen Stewart) wakes up as a vampire, unites with Edward (Robert Pattinson) and enjoys her new found abilities, like super zooming HD clear eyesight, strength, speed, and agility. At the same time she has the desperate need for blood and her thirst is impenetrable but her will stops her from killing a mountain climber. This scene might look lame to many but it was actually a good move from the writers.Bella simply chose to ignore a human life over her profound need for blood. She kills a lion which was stalking and deer, she seemingly saved the “innocent” deer. Hmph! No words there.  What I personally loved is Bella’s reaction after finding out that Jacob (Taylor Launtner) imprinted Renesmee and she says almost everything that came across my mind. Simply wished that it was Stephanie Meyer in Jacob’s place 😛


Anyway, they patch up when Jacob clarifies about his feelings for Renesmee. Things go well. The family is seemingly happy and out of danger, while they are worried about how fast Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) is growing. One day Irina (Maggie Grace) who already has a grudge against the Cullens for killing Laurent (Eddie Gathegi), sees Renesmee and thinks that she is an immortal child and reports it Volturi (Michael Sheen as Aro, Dakota Fanning as Jane). Alice (Ashley Green) sees a vision; Volturi coming to kill them all.

Thankfully this is the one movie which did not focus on the silly love triangle as Jacob got a better choice, duh. Now Ms. Meyer can defend all she wants but this scene from breaking dawn part 1 simply creeps one out.


Jacob’s involvement is less impressive in this movie except for the scene where he is confronted by Bella. It is rather obvious that he is involved for the sake of having werewolves around. I loved how Rosalie (Nikki Reed) is attached to Renesmee the most as she wanted to raise children and have a normal life. Bella is a vampire, and as well Meyer’s world, female vampires are sterile which raises the question; shouldn’t Renesmee be breast fed? Does she feed on blood or milk? It is finally revealed why Bella is immune to most vampire’s powers. That was a good explanation backed by proper builtup.

Breaking Dawn part2, the final installment in the twilight series, finally have all the elements that should have been there a lot earlier. First of all, a lot of characters are introduced in this movie congesting the available space. They are requested by Cullens to be their witness before the Volturi inorder to show that Renesmee is half-human and harmless. We get to see two very interesting characters who added their respective sparks in this movie; Garrett (Lee Pace) and Kate (Casey LaBow).


They have a better dynamic and, respective personalities added better weight to the movie. The scene where Kate and Tania react to Irina’s death is well-shot amidst the stares and awkward pauses. And the final fight sequence is well built with proper pacing giving scope for rewatching and the twist related to that scene is quite controversial. But compared to Meyer’s novel the movie introduced better scope for entertainment and the overall ending of the saga is pleasant; thus the positive streak.

The best thing about this movie, which persuaded me to give a higher rating, is Kristen Stewart. After witnessing her stereotypical acting with no variety in facial expressions and monotonous acting style, we finally see life on her face. The way she changed her body movement and speech style to show how much she changed as a vampire is quite impressive. Watching her act is like having the experience after coming out of a gas chamber. She is no longer the blinking, breathing, head shaking actress and her mouth is closed in most scenes; explains why she looks beautiful owing to the theory which states that beauty requires an expressive face. Stewart was not extraordinary but she did atone her loathsome depiction in the predecessors and has her moments. My favorite moment, other than the scene where she beats Jacob for imprinting on Renesmee, is the scene where she shows off her “shield” gift before Jane’s (Dakota Fanning) optical cruciatus curse. Bella smiles showing that she has the upper hand there. We finally get to see the girl power.


Robert Pattinson probably doesn’t want to change his stance on this series and continued delivering shovel-faced acting. I miss Edward Cullen from twilight (2008); the lively, cheerful and less pretentious. As per the book, Edward speaks in silky voice to attract human prey. He continues to talk in his silky voice even after Bella became a vampire. Was it necessary? Why can’t he talk in his normal voice? It would have helped him act better. Compared to Pattinson, Launtner delivered better performance but still, he looked off character whenever he didn’t have any dialogues. Billy Burke stuck to his standard and the scene where he reunites with Bella is well executed. The other supporting cast members, in general, are just there for decoration. Notably, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, Kellen Lutz etc.

Carter Burwell made the visuals lively with his music, the track Bella reborn is quintessential. Rosenberg’s script added better built-up and pacing followed by the cinematography-editing combination. But the CGI still looked inadequate, vampires shatter like glass and the “flying” shots, during the battle sequence, looked cheesy. And, I am all Sweeney Todd when it comes to this. 😛



Breaking Dawn part 2 is a better film and assuaging. The filmmakers tried on this one owing to the lively performance from Kristen, finally showing Bella the way we want to see her.

But, it will hardly remain in our memories and the series becomes moribund after 45 minutes. Sorry Meyer.


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  1. I liked the sequence that Alice shows the volturi..I was literally thinking the whole story redeemed itself…was a bit disappointed when it was just a vision though.

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