Twilight saga: breaking dawn part 1 is the one movie from the series which betrayed the audience. A series with a repugnant storyline, loathsome characters, and contemptible acting, deals with a social topic that’s under scrutiny from sections of the society. What right have they?

For a change, the opening sequence wasn’t that enthralling except for the one shot where Jacob runs outside his house and turns into a werewolf; furious over the wedding letter he received. Bella and Edward are getting married. Edward shoved down the “M” word and he refused to have sex with Bella in eclipse, saying that he wanted to be married first; old school. I am not debating anything related to one’s decision to have sex after marriage, but a teen wedding? Edward is over 108 years and saw more than what he needed, but Bella? Becoming a vampire itself means a lot of compromises but all Bella care about is to be in a relationship. What a role model for young girls who have been following this book. Leaving all the mumbo-jumbos related to marriage aside, this movie dealt with abortion. They have rough sex, she is injured and the bed is all broken with feathers flying all over, leading to giggles from the audience.


Raising the question, how brutally was she injured? The private parts for eg:. What else is expected when 6 feet tall stone is on top of a fragile body? Breaking dawn part 1 just presented sex is a disturbingly adverse manner which looked unintentionally funny to many audience members. Because Edward, at one point, vows to never touch her until she is transformed. Bella obviously “craves” and she tries to provoke him by dressing accordingly and with tears until Edward gives in. And this inspired an author to write another anti-feminist novel. Anyway, this leads to Bella’s pregnancy. According to the novel, vampires are cold and dead. They don’t breathe, the absence of heartbeat and they cry without shedding tears. Basically, there are no body fluids, so how the hell does a vampire attain a boner and semen? And, if they can produce semen then why are the female vampires sterile? Gender discrimination right there, huh Ms. Meyer? Bella becomes pregnant and Edward, after standing there without moving an inch staring at Bella for about 3 minutes, promptly jumps into a decision. Abortion. He didn’t have any second thoughts about talking to the first person before even going to the doctor, the woman who is carrying the child. This action from Edward ruined every irreproachable aspect noticed about him, backed by Pattinson’s shoved-faced performance. And, Bella finally makes a strong stand for herself, even though it looks seemingly stupid and reckless, i.e. to keep the baby. She makes a manipulative move by contacting Rosalie, someone who desired a baby and to have a normal family life.

Now apart from these criticisms, although he made a wrong move in eclipse, Jacob was highly redeeming to the indecorous plot (until the climax of course).


Because he sacrifices everything, including his pact with the wolf-pack to save Bella and her unborn child from being killed. He also talks to her, actually talks, unlike Edward. Initially, like a concerned friend he tries to stop Bella from making a stupid move by consummating her marriage before transforming. Bella chose Edward because he is more good-looking and he… stares at her. Other than, that his lack of personality, pretentious nature and the tendency to be an abusive decision-maker… well we can only accept them as a couple as one may feel that Jacob deserves someone better.  Then he tries to convince her about the adversity of being pregnant with something that is not completely human. He bonds with the Cullens and has his moments. Taylor Launtner did well in all that aspects although his facial expression is limited to this.


The movie, in general, deals with the abortion aspect in a loathsome manner with traces of unintentional humor thrown here and there, triggering giggles from the audience. But there is one striking moment. Bella goes into labor and she gives birth to a girl. Then she falls into a paralytic state and Edward injects his venom into her heart and pumps it. Pattinson’s performance in this scene is loathsome and his lack of enthusiasm makes it worse, but, Jacob says “I won’t kill you, you deserve to live with this“. In that moment we see few minutes of good acting from Launtner. He is helpless and shattered over failing his attempts to save Bella. He goes outside and sobs. I would have given this movie complete blank in the rating section if it wasn’t for Jacob’s moments. But this dies down almost immediately after we witness Jacob falling in love with… the new-born baby. The baby. Ms. Meyer might see her epic story but an average audience member will only see pedophilia. She just desecrated the only decent character, from the leads, in this movie.

The CGI is bad, the technical side didn’t want to spare the audience anymore, so they created a CGI baby, followed by the disturbing sequence, Bella’s birth scene where Edward cut out her uterus using his teeth which lead to the audience receiving nausea and seizures. This is a movie meant for teenagers expecting melodrama and they have topics and visuals which require ‘A’ certification.

The above paragraph sums up almost everything that makes this movie loathsome. Along with the until-the-climax presence of Jacob, another person who assuaged is Rosalie. Rosalie is a very interesting character given less screen-time. The way she defended Bella is interesting to witness. Of course, this brings up the “pro-life” argument to which I concur but at least Bella chose to keep her baby. Nikki Reed is a good actress with the ability to create liveliness. Everyone else, including Greene, Fascinelli and Burke, looked dim. I liked this moment from the movie, though.


Carter Burwell added his cents although the music wasn’t as memorable as it was in twilight. When I saw Bill Condon’s name, I expected adept direction. Direction looks good but it won’t be enough to compensate the abhorrent storyline, a teen flick dealing with pregnancy. As much as I cringed at the bad acting, artificial dialogue delivery and unintentional comic moments, notably the telepathic wolf-talk scene; I cringed the worst after listening to the applause this movie received. What is the audience’s taste?

I read the book before watching the movie. Book was boring until the second half of course, so tedious that I just went through the pages without focusing on the contents. Eclipse had the similar effect. Although there was no surprise element like it was mentioned in the book, the film had better appeal. So I expected the same here. Breaking dawn part 1 was so horrendous that I literally ended up hating and mourned the loss of my money and time wasted.


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