Most of the readers have been asking me, “you are only watching it now?”. Well, I have only launched my website in Dec 2015. Most of these reviews are from archives. Plus, I have written average reviews which hardly focused on the technical aspects. While, I enjoyed reading “so good its bad” reviews of the twilight saga, I wrote my fair share. Films or artistic material, as a matter of fact, give scope for analysis. Twilight saga is actually based on a good concept, i.e. Vampires who like to help people by keeping a safe distance from them. In spite of having many technical flaws, twilight (2008) is actually an enjoyable film. What ruined the possible good structuring is the sequels; new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn part 1. Seemingly the only intention of the filmmakers is to get money from teenagers looking forward to watch a good melodrama and hot guys.

Again, the saga stuck to the tradition of having an enthralling opening sequence; a young boy is stalked and bitten by a vampire. He screams with pain while it rains and it implies that becoming a vampire is actually a nerve-racking process. The combination of cinematography and music worked in this scene, followed by the logo presentation. What attracts an average audience member is the enthralling opening sequence, no matter how bad it is going to get.


Eclipse starts where new moon left. Edward and Bella patched up but she is in a rough phase with her father and Jacob. Three story arc goes in parallel

  1. Victoria making an army to attack the Cullens, with Volturi observing them.
  2. Cullens plan a counter attack.
  3. A second rate distasteful triangle love story.

Because the three lead characters are competing with each other on the basis of who is the worst character. Like Bella, jumping to and fro…

First Edward


Then Jacob


Back to Edward


Again to Jacob…


I couldn’t help but agree with Ron 😛


Bella wants to make amends with Jacob, after all in new moon, she looked him in the eye and said “I love you, but it will always be Edward“, marking the beginning of her selfish and manipulative nature, unintentional of course. She kisses Edward in front of Jacob and hugs Jacob in front of Edward. By the middle of the film, Edward mentions the “M” word, setting Jacob off in anger. How does she stop him? By kissing him. *slap on the face*. Although Edward was a douche, I felt bad for him in that scene. How can one not cringe at Bella’s nature in this movie? That bring said, Kristen has the same expression throughout, thus adding more red chilies to the (already) boring depiction of the lead character, who is followed by millions of teenage girls.

Edward’s no less owing to the fact that Pattinson’s sticking to his shovel-faced acting. When she tries to leave, Edward stops her by dismantling her truck. I question, what right has he to do it? This is exactly what went wrong in new moon when Edward dumped her. He is making all the decisions on her behalf even if it got them both killed. Edward is not being romantic or sweet, he is controlling her which is something most women dread while being in a relationship. Bella is going around literally under surveillance until this one really less impressive moment where she climbs on Jacob’s bike, in front of Edward. Again, *slap on the face*. Pattinson’s acting makes Edward really boring and one does not simply disagree with the critic’s claim on his lack of personality. I personally felt like he was trying to reflect on the way Bella is presented because at times he blinks, breathes through mouth and his mouth is open in most scenes.

Jacob was more interesting as someone who is concerned about Bella’s well-being. He is initially repulsive about Bella’s decision to become a vampire as it destroys her soul. He loved her like a family member. This plotline was good, until, he proposes her. Jacob literally begs her to choose him over Edward. Well-done filmmakers, you have ruined the only good character from the series. Adding insult to the injury he forcefully kisses her and she protests by punching him in the face. I have read comments in YouTube describing Jacob as sweet, during this moment. Now, ladies, when a guy kisses you against your will, that is neither sweet of him nor it is romantic. That’s harassment. Also, he makes her touch his heart while mentioning how warm he is; it is more lust than love. He begs her several times even casually mentioning that he will wait for her after her heart stops beating. Maybe, Jacob could have been a better lover but the way he is presented makes him more of a pervert by the second half of eclipse.


Keeping the love triangle apart, there are good aspects to this movie compared to it’s predecessor. Bryce Dallas Howard is awesome in her role as Victoria and the way she manipulates Riley is interesting to watch. But, Riley’s involved in tracking Bella is shown in this movie so there’s no suspense as opposed to the book which had better built up. Billy Burke always came to the rescue with his dry sense of humor whenever the screen-time is boring due to the three boring leads. Another plus point is Rosalie’s character depth which is better than the entirety of eclipse. We get to know why she hated Bella and on how much she hates her second life, though she has Emmett. Alice’s story is more interesting than hers but the filmmakers didn’t give importance to that. Jasper Hale’s history is also shown and he is taking over the authority to beat the new-borns. That was wholesome; Rathbone’s acting was only average. And, there are plot holes but there’s no point in raising all that due to the fact that the structure itself is problematic. Like, Bree Tanner, who could have added a good arc to the story but when she is presented, we won’t care.

David Slade is a good director and tried to make it as interesting, followed by Rosenberg’s addition of action elements in the script for luring the audience who are looking for thrills. The cinematography is proficient. Editing wasn’t upto the point owing to the lack of suspense or surprise elements in the movie. CGI is less impressive. Meyer has already done her bucks in the process of desecrating the vampire chronicles…


Visual effects team made it worse as the vampires shatter like glass in this movie. The audience, even the fans, giggled while watching those moments. Howard shore composed haunting scores but we won’t remember them after watching the movie. Compared to new moon, eclipse is better. That being said, the quality of the series is still in the process of deterioration, again raising the question related to the popularity.

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